After construction work in the suburban area is over, usually remains a lot of unused material: bars, rods, metal profiles, pipes. All this will be useful in further equipment built houses, manufacture of furniture. For example, here’s a fold-out tables, the design of which told the Hungarian magazine”, Earmaster”.
Its peculiarity is that it is team: is composed of three independent lattice panels in the corners just firmly fitted into one another.
All boards are assembled from similar elements — a metal or plastic profiles, U-shaped cross section (as shown in the figures) or wooden bars that are typed into the bar with two wooden sticks-grounds. The basis elements are attached with step, is strictly equal to the height of the wall of a structure is necessary to ensure the subsequent tight connection of panels.
Open table
Open nightstand:
1 — bruski-base boards (stands); 2 — profiles (or wood strips); 3 — shelves (glass or plywood).
Assembly tables

Assembly tables
Practically this is done. On the bars of the base are stacked three pressed against each other profile, but they are attached only at, and the medium is removed and serves as a spacer for setting the next. And so until, until the whole shield. Mount to the bars of the base is possible with the help of screws and nails.
The number of profiles in all three panels may be identical, but their location is identical only on the side, and the back — shifted one profile up or down for rallying in the Assembly of the tables.
To gain shields of profile is convenient for the fact that their grooves — ready rails for the shelves. As the latter looks impressive thick glass, but no worse and just plywood with thickness of 12 mm (if the width of a groove profile).
Wood-base can be a cross-section 40×25 mm. If instead of the profiles they are fixed wooden slats, the last section — about 25×25 mm.

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