What good is forge from the point of view of the Stoker? Of course, the “blower” to burn any fuel to the ground. But if someone dares to apply Gornova blast in his home oven, the smoke, who will climb from all cracks, quickly forced to abandon a quick decision. Not the best way to behave of an air injection system and the boiler. Especially where a low calorie fuel is used.

Confirmation of this for me, for example, is the school boiler room, where, I remember, adored by all the boys uncle Michael, including the blower, was forced to leave the boiler room: frenzy a lot, but a fever that is called into question.
Re-faced in adulthood with problems of boilers, I came to the conclusion that in order to enhance combustion is not necessary to pump air into the furnace, but rather to actively remove it (or rather — furnace gases and other products of incomplete combustion) from the chimney. Only here to put on a hood centrifugal operating on the vacuum pump is impossible. Because hot smoke is too aggressive medium to the rotating rotor blades. The other thing is the ejector, which, as you know, there are no moving parts. It effectively works by blowing high-speed jet carries you along the entire aspirated gas. A stream can create the same centrifugal pump, placed outside the corrosive environment and working on the injection.
Applying this scheme for modernization of stove own home, I was convinced of its high efficiency. Now even the worst low-grade manure or peat burning in the furnace like a torch.
Ejector usilenie tags in the chimney using a homemade injection centrifugal pump
Jet usilenie tags in the chimney using a homemade centrifugal injection pump:
1 — vibrogase base (box with sand); 2— induction motor (from the washing machine, 220 V, 180 W, 1500 rpm); 3 —the pump casing; 4 — a centrifugal rotor (16 blade, with solder bushing-hub); 5 — discharge nozzle; 6—coupling (rubber hose); 7 — ejector (steel pipe 50×3); 8— furnace asbestos cement pipe; the dimensions d, d, h — at the place of installation; material PP. 3, 4 and 5 (with the exception of the sleeve-hub) —galvanized sheet steel

But the cost of upgrading the furnace (I think the boiler on solid fuel) is negligible. The ejector is steel water-gas supply knee. Set it so that high-speed air jet is blown into the smoke pump at about 1.5 m from the upper end of the exhaust pipe.
Creating this jet centrifugal pump—self-made. His body is a brazed bronze mushroom design made of galvanized sheet steel with a thickness of 0.5 mm. to Make such even a student, if in the high temperature burner. For example, a home-made hydrogen (see the development of a “Cut and weld water” in the journal “modelist-Konstruktor” No. 3 for 1997).
Rotor with 16 blades-brazed, made by the same technology using the same materials and the burner. The exception is hub-based on — cut steel thick-walled pipe (dimensions, depending on the mating shaft of the motor) with a through diametrical hole for the cotter pin and the inner groove under the key.
The discharge pipe is also soldered bronze of 0.5 mm galvanized steel sheet.
For long-term operation of this system took lightly loaded asynchronous motor with high speed rotation of the shaft. Came from a household washing machine (220 V, 180 W, 1500 rpm). By the way, the motor and the noise of mighty strength less than their “brothers” that for operation in the attic of a residential building with stove heating factor is important.
As the massive and stable base capable of absorbing mechanical vibrations and acoustic noise in a wide frequency range, used wooden packing box with sand. And to prevent the penetration of vibrations from the engine all other parts and components, applied damping “shirt” (motor winding an elastic bandage) and coupling (rubber hose) — soft connection of the pump with an ejector.
V. RADKOV, Republic of Tatarstan

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