If on a country or garden site has an old wooden barrel large sizes, then it is possible to make an unusual bed — vertical. Of course, this is easy to fabricate and specifically in the form of high box, but the barrel is preferable. First, it is already prepared, and secondly, looks much decorative. The use of drums in these objectives due not only to the desire to save valuable space, if cottage or garden plot is small.

About decoration already mentioned: it’s like a giant vase, all covered by greens once planted it the plants full development by mid-summer, the barrel looks very impressive and no doubt adorns the site. But not only that.
There are plants for which the vertical bed — the best agronomic form. So, for example, on a normal garden strawberries need to raise to large, heavy berries are not lying on the ground and rot. And in the barrel they will be free to droop, and as provided by the sun. The same can be said about cucumbers, some varieties of zucchini, eggplant, even peas.
Important fact: if necessary, such a bed can be moved together with plants without causing them any harm, which is impossible with traditional planting. And another great advantage: planted in the barrel the plants are inaccessible to weeds.
How to turn a barrel into a bed? If you just fill it with land, the useful area for plants will be restricted, as in ordinary vases, only the upper part, and the remaining amount of land will remain unused.
However, it can be made to work for crop. To this end, the walls of the barrel should make holes with a diameter of 50-60 mm, which will act as a planting hole, as in conventional beds.
The greater the number of such Windows in the barrel, the more vertical the bed, although the size of the barrel itself is not changed.
Having prepared thus the landing window in the walls of the barrel, you could fill it with earth. However, it is necessary to prepare another element of the vertical beds that are not found on the bed of a conventional vertical drain pipe.
Preparing wooden barrels under a vertical garden
Preparing wooden barrels under a vertical garden:
A — holes; B — cutting out the landing window

1 — plastic or asbestos cement pipe;2 perforation; 3 — drill; 4 — wooden tube

Transplanting into a vertical garden
Transplanting into a vertical garden:
1 — barrel; 2 — landing window; 3 — the garden scoop; 4 — seedling

The fact that any garden requires regular watering. And if the usual garden all the plants are in the same position, the vertical garden top plants will get more water than the lower one. To make the access of water uniform throughout the volume of the barrel — the problem of vertical drainage.
The basis of it — asbestos cement or plastic perforated pipe, holes with a diameter of 3-5 mm in which nastelivaetsya randomly, but often. At the bottom end of the pipe is tightly inserted a wooden plug, to prevent rapid leakage of water at the bottom of the barrel. The upper end should remain slightly above the earth filling of the barrel, so the length of the pipe is chosen according to place, depending on the height of the barrel.
So, when everything is ready, you can build a vertical garden. First barrel sets the drain pipe, then around her tightly Packed soil, and then planting a window garden shovel prepared holes and planted seedlings. It remains to fill in the drain pipe the water and wait for a good harvest.

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