TRIPOD FOR PETSMany of those who contain animals in the house or apartment, the familiar pattern when a dog or a cat, licking remains of food from the bowl, rides on the floor of the emptied vessel, creating an annoying noise. The situation is even worse when the animal upsets filled the bowl. But to avoid such problems is not difficult — it is necessary for the bowl to stand in the form of andirons. In the village house where there was a Russian stove (and in what house it was not?), among their cooking utensils (tagankov) was kept a few and different “caliber.”

Them in an oven set cast iron, dishes, pans with food, so they towered over smoldering coals. And is a trivet ring with the attached at equal intervals around the circumference three or four legs.

If Arsenal is the master welder, to make a stand he does not represent special work. The most suitable material for it will serve as a steel rod with a diameter of about 10 mm. Rod of a smaller diameter should not take the weight of the Taganka plays on its stability. The same rod with a larger diameter just too heavier product.

The stand design is simple and clear from the drawing.

Stand-the trivet under the bowl for feeding Pets

Stand-the trivet under the bowl for feeding Pets (items 2,3,6 in options a and b made of steel rod d10: all the details of variant b is made of steel strip 20×4):


1 – bowl; 2 — ring; 3 foot; 4 — “Shoe” (plastic cap); 5 — platform (STZ. sheet s3); 6 – tip

The diameter of the ring stand is assigned depending on the size bowl that is, of course, the physique of the animal. The growth of the animal depends on the height of the legs, but should not lift the bowl high above the floor or ground.

The joint rings are rationally combined with joining one of its legs.

If the stand you intend to use in the house, the ends of the legs need to grind, giving them the shape of a hemisphere (variant a). Would be even better if shod the feet in suitable plastic “Shoe” (for example, lids from plastic bottles or vials). Caps made of black rubber to wear on feet are undesirable — they can leave dark spots and stripes.

Stand useful when the animal (e.g., dog) is contained in the yard. Only in this case it would be good to complement legs tipped with small sites (option 6). Grounds will help to push the tips into the ground without bending down (the foot) and at the same time limit excessive penetration of the legs, This design of the legs not only increase the stability of the stand, but will not allow you to move the bowl, even a strong animal.

If the welding machine is the master of none, the stand-the trivet is quite acceptable to produce steel strips with a cross-section of approximately 20×4 mm (option). Details you can connect studs doing there, their heads hidden. By the way, this version of the stand, you can perform universal; for use at home or on the street. It is only necessary connection of the legs and tips to make the split at the bolts.

In the end the product is, of course, better to paint. So it will look “appetizing” even for an animal.

Any option can be used as a stand under a flower pot, cauldron, trough for birds, etc. in short, the trivet among the household utensils are unnecessary.

V. PETROV, S. fish, Krasnoyarsk Krai

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