VITAMINS GROW ON THE BALCONYThe BEDS of the PIPES…no matter How great the temptation to consider yourself as a pioneer, should nevertheless admit that the gardens and plantations on the balconies and loggias invented, alas, not by me. It is enough to see at least a binder “M-” for years past, to be sure, how great is the number of already created designs of different types of vertical garden beds, allowing the minimum area to obtain maximum yields.

And tubes (and this structural material, I have not indifferent: see, for example, my publication in the eighth issue of the magazine over the past year) to use to create vertical garden beds, old metal barrels or used tires.— not my invention. I only promoter of original ideas, the implementation of which and refinement of the resulting structures are actively involved.
For the first of the proposed options vertical of beds required pipe segments with an external diameter of 1/2″, 3/4″ and approx 7″, as well as water and gas supply tube coupling with two-way cone-shaped stops (to strengthen the riser). The widest pipe with holes 0 20 mm serve as the basis, are the highlight Asay design. Filled with earth and provided with a perforated humidifier, these beds-sleepers planted already “hatched” seeds of short – and crenellated varieties of cucumbers. 2 pieces in each of 20-mm holes, utaplivaja the seeds in the ground 15-20 mm for sending them to earth. On the first tier, vertical beds have the sort of “Signal-235”, the second “Success”, on the third and fourth “Competitor”.
At first the bed of shelter with plastic wrap. When the shoots appear, the first two leaves, weak plants are removed, leaving one strong and healthy in each of the holes (“holes”) the garden-cross. Achieving 800 mm plant grows, pinch out, and then let them develop freely.
Irrigation is performed twice every four days. Water consumption is minimal: 7-10 litres. In parallel watering with double the number of beds-cross (see option II) it becomes two times larger. And the water in both cases, use pre-heated to 22-24° C. And pour it into the humidifier as long as it does not rise to the level of the fourth layer, and in the waste holes 8 mm diameter upper beds-sleepers will not appear the first drops.
Fertilizing plants is carried out once a week pre-fermented (3-4 days) with a solution of chicken droppings at the ratio of 1:15 with the additive in it (pinkish color) of potassium permanganate.
R and S. 1. The
R and S. 1. The “ladder” of pipes for the cucumbers:
I — consistent watering: 1 — the riser (pipe water-gas steel, GOST 3265-75, 2 PCs.), 2 — bed-cross member (tube, rolled aluminum alloy, GOST 18475-73, 4 PCs.), 3 – humidifier (water-gas steel pipe, GOST 3265-75, 4 PCs.), 4 — tube wooden, 5 — hose, rubber (cut in 4 pieces), 6 — bak-a funnel (metal cans), 7 — stop (St3, 4 PCs.) 8 — bracket-clip (10-mm rod, 8), 9 — plug (30 mm Board, 8), 10—inch water and gas supply tube coupling (2 PCs), 11 – a ground hopper, 12 plants.
II — parallel watering.

Fig. 2. Tomatoes nest in the barrel
Fig. 2. Tomatoes nest in the barrel:
1 — support roller rotary (from decommissioned medical equipment, 3 PCs.), 2 — barrel 300-liter metal, 3 plant, 4 — moisturizer (tube, rolled aluminum alloy, GOST 18475-73), 5-stand (steel pipe water-gas GOST 3265-75), 6 — base (10 mm rod), 7 — rim of the “umbrella” (6 mm rod), 8 — rays “umbrella” (aluminum wire 4 mm with supporting-loops-leads, 16 PCs.), 9 soil backfill.

Fig. 3. A pyramid of tires for strawberries
Fig. 3. A pyramid of tires for strawberries:
1 — support roller rotary (from decommissioned medical equipment, 3 PCs.), 2 — old tire (10 PCs), 3— plant, 4 — moisturizer (tube, rolled aluminum alloy, GOST 18475-73. perforated), 5 — soil sediment, 6 — base (5 mm plate, St3).

Consider to make a bed out of pipes, as can be seen from the illustrations, it will not be difficult even for a beginner samedelman. To plant cucumber seeds and care for seedlings too easy. But the harvest is striking: up to 190 kg appreciate all gourmet vegetable! And it’s square (even with a two-piece version II) 66 square decimeters!
I recommend tomatoes to grow in metal drums, which cut the top and the side walls done for the future of the “hole” under the seedling holes in a checkerboard pattern. Moreover, the form of the latter may be not only circular (diameter 70 mm), but the square with the appropriate size and number depends on the diameter D and height N used barrels. The process of cutting through them can be considerably easier by drilling a drill on the perimeter of the continuous series of holes in mm. do a Barrel swivel, which to the bottom of it is screwed or welded three special roller bearings (from decommissioned medical equipment).
Irrigation serves as a humidifier, is made of pipes with a diameter of 100 to 120 mm with a perforation. The hole diameter of 8 mm. (at the top of the humidifier) to 12 mm (lower part). The perforations perform in a checkerboard pattern. The distance between holes is ~ 100 mm.
The humidifier is set exactly in the center of the barrel, after which it is filled with earth, mixed with humus and mineral fertilizers (in the greenhouse for growing seedlings).
For tying tall tomatoes use a special device in the form of “umbrella” of wire rod and aluminum wire, based on the fortified in the front crosspiece. The lower ends of the “rays” are passed through 5-mm holes made on the edge of the barrel, and secured. And it was more convenient to tie up plants, throughout the length of the aluminum “rays” are provided at a distance of 250-300 mm from each other reference loop hooks.
Before planting tomato seedlings the soil in the barrel thoroughly saturated with water through the humidifier. Then take the accessory pipe with a diameter of approximately 40 mm and a length of 400 mm (you can use the housing from the old pump road) and make a 200-mm deep “wells” clogging the pipe fixture into the ground with a hammer, followed by pulling it together with the contents and clean the inside of the cavity from the ground. And the side “punky” is performed under an angle of 45° for better engraftment of seedlings and rapid growth of plants, which are known to be always drawn up, regardless of the method of planting them in the ground.
In “the hole,” pour water from a watering can or a solution of mullein and insert to the depth of one stem of the seedling and then filling the remaining space in each “hole” to kalepolepo liquefied state of the soil.
Caring for tomatoes is practically reduced to periodical their irrigation water (first 3-4 days), fertilizing with a solution of mullein or other fertilizers, remove side shoots and tying plants, as well as the rotation of the barrel itself for even illumination of the entire mini-garden healing rays of the sun. It is advisable near the barrels of tomatoes to have a container for cooking feeding. Should include the spraying of plants (3-4 times over the growing period! one percent solution of Bordeaux fluid.
A kind of barrel-the garden is the cultivation of vitamin products in the pyramid, made up of old tires. An example of such 10-tiered design for the strawberry shown in the illustration. Methods of planting and care, soil preparation and fertilizing in many respects similar to that with sufficient fulness described above. And effectiveness in the use can be judged by last year’s (and not the best) harvest: for the pet with one pyramid of tires, covering an area less than one square meter received 21.5 kilograms of juicy and fragrant berries.
S. LARKIN, candidate of agricultural Sciences

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