Water for household needs and irrigation is supplied to a suburban area from the aqueduct or from a well (well of water) pump. In the case of breakage of the pump or too low pressure in the pipeline (for example, of the mass watering in the evening) it is advisable to have water in reserve. In addition, the supernatant and the sun-warmed water is nicer to everyone: both people and plants. The capacity for this is usually a metal barrel raised above the ground on poles, so that the liquid has been drained from it by gravity. About simple equipment such as “water towers” and will be discussed.

Filling and emptying barrels is through flexible hoses. The free end of the upper hose is lowered into the barrel through the hole in the tube, the free end of the lower can connect with nozzle adapter pressure line when filling the tank and when draining — feeding water in buckets and other vessels. Hoses are connected with fittings that screwed into the shut-off valve, the body of which is secured by two clamps in a convenient location, for example, on the pole.
The upper hose is pulled by the clamp to the tube of the barrel, and the barrel lowered into the end of the hose is put weighting — plugged tube with a lateral opening through which when draining the water intake above the sludge zone. Periodically, every two weeks, you need to drain and suck. To do this you must loosen the clamp and push the hose away in a barrel so that the weighting was on the bottom in a horizontal position.
“Water tower” — the barrel on the pillars to line of bulk-drain and water level indicator:
1 — aluminum barrel (d580, L1200); 2 — pole (beam d150…200, L2800,4 pieces); 3 — beam (beam d200, L1000,2); 4 — binding barrels (steel wire d5, L4000, 2); 5 — plug; 6 — a lever (galvanized steel wire d3, L2700); 7 — clamp (steel, sheet s0,5); 8 — float (a plastic bottle of 0.5 liters); 9 — float rail (aluminum wire d1, 2); 10—the axle (nail d4, L120): 11 — washer d4 (2); 12,13 — brackets (steel, sheet s3); 14 — shields (plywood s5); 15 — box (steel, sheet s0,5); 16 — a bolt М4х12 (9 PCs); 17 —nut M4 (9 PCs.); 18,19 —hoses (014, and L1600 L2000); 20 W Tozer (brass, rod d28, 2); 21 — the valve; 22 — clip (steel, sheet s3. 2); 23 — screw d25x5 (4 PCs); 24 — weighting (steel, pipe 20×2,5, L100); 25 — pipe adapter (pipe 20×5)

The water level indicator is mounted on the tube barrel. It consists of a pivoted lever, bent from wire, with a float of empty plastic bottles; two brackets, bolted to the tube of the barrel; axis passed through the holes in the brackets and in the lever; flaps secured to the brackets, and flag at the end of the steering knuckle. In the tube the barrel is to be cut hole for hose, propylene groove for pivot arm and drilled the four holes for the bracket bolts. The transverse size of the float on the lever should be smaller than the diameter of the holes for the tube barrels, since the Assembly end of the lever to the float is introduced into the barrel, after which the tube with mounted on it with a gauge screwed into the threaded hole on the two or three strands of thread. The Assembly is convenient to carry when filled barrel.
Shown in the figures the dimensions are given for the standard aluminum barrel length 1200 and 580 mm in diameter, with a hole for a tube with a diameter of 56 mm. Any craftsman will figure out how to change the dimensions of the parts for the other available barrels.
For loading the barrel the lower end of the hose connected to the water line or pump and open the valve. During the filling of the barrel the check box of the level indicator together with the end of the lever, turning, descends and goes beyond the closing flaps on his arms. When you reach the maximum level before overflow that is seen at the most up to date box (a”dangerous” area of the check box is red), the valve is closed, and the “water tower” is ready to give water. It’s enough to just again open the valve. When emptying the barrel the check box of the level indicator will rise and go over the flaps. If the check box is almost not visible (and for better visual perception, the lower part painted in white or blue color), then the water in the barrel is short and her need to re-pour.
For more intense water heating solar rays on the outside barrel should be coated with black Matt paint. It may be “Kubassek” or a solution of bitumen in gasoline.
To avoid the falling barrels and poles to prevent her abduction, you need to wrap the barrel of a 5 mm wire in two places and the ends of the wire securely nailed to the posts.
Under the “water tower” it is convenient to arrange a shower, obtenus pillars opaque film. And to support were long, they smoke. Next you can build other objects that consume the heated water: sink, washtub. And to collect used water — pit.
V. NOVIKOV, Zhukovsky, Moscow region.

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