Anyone who’s after a heavy snowfall had to clear sidewalks, alleys, parks, school hockey pitches, knows how difficult this job is. And involuntarily thought: “that would be Here some gear!”. And really, why not mechanize the work? No sooner said than done. So there is a compact mechanical “the janitor”, a description which we offer today readers.

Rotary snow blower “Blizzard” is designed and manufactured by members of the design circle of the Penza regional station of young technicians L. Chaadayev, V. Ageev, S. Martynov. This mechanism is relatively simple and can be done in any school workshop where there welding machine, lathe machine, TV-6 and waste from steel sheet of thickness 2 mm.
Fig. 1. Rotary snow blower.
Fig. 1. Rotary snow blower:
1 — rotor, 2 — scraper; 3 — scraper-blank, 4 — damper, 5 — housing, 6 — engine, D-6, 7 — tank, 8 — front steering.
The power plant is the machine — D-6 engine with the muffler, tank and control cable the throttle from a motorbike. The torque from the engine is transmitted to the chain sprocket Z = 18 fixed to the rotor shaft, made on the lathe centers with a single installation. As a blank we used the corresponding part of the burnt motor. A shaft seated in the housing 4 arranged in pairs ball bearing No. 80202 and fixed by steel clamping ring and the M6 bolts on the rotor housing. A special bracket gripping pressure ring serves for mounting the rotor housing to the frame.
The main working body of the machine — rotor — consists of a steel disc Ø 290 mm and a thickness of 2 mm, to which the first screws M6 is attached to the hub and then to the disk and the hub are welded clamps 5 blades, reinforced back ribs. When assembling the blower rotor shaft fixed nut M10 stop.
The rotor body is welded of steel, has a removable front wall made of aluminium. Scrapers are also made detachable, each of them is attached to the body and frame with two screws M6. The width can be changed depending on the thickness and density of snow cover, replacing scrapers.
Fig. 2. Frame, undercarriage and working equipment of the machine.
Fig. 2. Frame, undercarriage and working equipment of the machine (in a side view of the right wheel is not shown):
1 — axis, 2 — V-hull under engine strut (the bottom bracket of a Bicycle frame), 3 — brace frame, 4 — pillar steering, 5 — housing, 6 — spar, 7 — emphasis of the scraper, 8 — scraper 9 — transverse beam of the frame, 10 — pressure ring rotor shaft 11 — everything 12 — the clamp, 13 — rotor, 14 — removable front wall of the housing of the rotor, 15 — M4 screw, 16 — shaft of rotor, 17 — shaft housing of the rotor.
The machine frame is welded using pipes from the old bike and the bottom bracket (V-shaped sub strut) is used for mounting the engine D-6.
Fig. 3. Installation of the fan.
Fig. 3. Fan installation:
1 — pulley-fan impeller (D16T), 2 — shroud (tin 0.3 mm), 3 — axial bolt of fastening of a pulley-impeller (steel).
Wheels are better to associate a common axis, which reduces the “yaw” mechanism at work. By the way, with no less success you can use runners or skates.
We applied the engine cooling system is simple and quite effective. It’s three blades made of aluminum, 2 mm thick, fixed by M4 screws on the pulley, serving to start the engine. The fan is covered with a brazed cover, riveted to the cover plate. For better cooling of the cylinder head when installed rotated 90°.
For more than two years snow “Blizzard” in pretty harsh conditions showed high reliability in operation and convenience in maintenance. The predictions of skeptics, who claimed that the engine will not work in a cloud of snow dust and in the cold, did not materialize. The operational performance was quite satisfactory: the throw of the snow from the window of the rotor case was about 8 m. the Own weight of the machine is small — 18 lbs. by the Way, starting from our drawings, it is easy to make replacement snow removal equipment and to conventional tillers.

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