METAPHOR-Perhaps this mechanism could be the easiest family of his brethren: even to schoolchildren by force if necessary, to raise and move it. Light weight and simplicity of manufacture — these are the qualities of veloplugs attracted the attention of the visitors of the exhibition of creativity of young technicians, participants of all-Russia rally school forestry and friends of nature protection, held in the summer of 1986 in Leningrad.
Veloplugs built the seventh graders Dima Bespalov and Sasha smallholders under the direction of Professor A. Pavlova in the circle of agricultural machinery high school station Gorenka Novgorod region. The main element of its construction — frame old road bike, flipped up the carriage. Instead saddle plug welded to it for mounting the implement, and about the pedal — bracket idler sprocket. In the lower part of the frame in the clamps is attached to the engine D-5. The transmission is a two-stage chain transmission from the intermediate shaft. The node of the last fully assembled made of Bicycle parts.
Driving wheel made from steel sheet of thickness 4.5 mm and is provided with eight lugs. Mount the wheel on the axle without bearings.
1 — Bicycle frame, 2 — bike wheel, 3 — fuel tank 4 — brace-bracket for idler sprocket, 5 — a tension sprocket Z=9, 6 — sprocket Z=46, 7 — rack for additional cargo, 8 — driving wheel, 9 — grouser, 10 — working tool (cultivator), 11 — engine, D-5, 12 — fork 13 — a collar, 14, 23, 25 bolts M8 15 — exhaust pipe, 16 — sprocket Z=12, 17 — bolt M6, 18 — hub wheels, 19 — sprocket Z=48, 20 — fork Bicycle frame, 21 — axle-stud wheels, 22 — washer, 24 — rivet.
The main working tool of the mechanism, cultivator, although you can use the plow, the cultivator and other implements.
The jury of the competition held in the framework of the meeting, noted that veloplus we need to improve: change the direction of exhaust gases to make forced cooling and be sure to install protective covers on the chain drives. I hope that these wishes will take into account our readers who are interested in this design.

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