On the shelves of sports stores you can often see elegant double sledge for skiing the mountains, called “Chuk and GEK”. The sleds solidly constructed, brightly colored, very attractive in appearance, but… do not use special demand. We do not undertake to judge how good these sleds, what their shop offers, but after the installation of vasodilates D-5 and they, undoubtedly, will be a very interesting self-propelled machine (Fig. 1). Such a construction was offered by a famous Leningrad artist — N. Abramov. In our opinion, the use of sledge “Chuk and GEK” as a basis for creating various children’s trails in machine — sensible initiative. It should be noted that the possibility of their “motorization” is not limited to the offer, which did N. Abramov: in addition to wheel with spikes, can be applied to the screw or the propeller (in the latter case, it will microaerobic). Finally, why not try it instead of the internal combustion engine to set the motor power cable or contact wire?

In the design N. Abramov to the rear of the platform of the sled on two hinges resembling a pendulum suspended fork modern motorcycles welded steel pipes, or made of area 25 X 25 mm frame. She carries the motor and driving wheel with metal spikes (the lid from the micro-car, only “maps”, size 3,50X5). The transmission from the engine to the sprocket a Bicycle chain. All of this combination (motor plus impeller) can be called “hinged chassis” as with the case of sled it connects only two bolt and two flexible control cable (rotating the throttle stick on the right side of the handlebar, the clutch lever is on the left). To ensure constant and even traction of the drive wheel with the road is provided a spring shock absorber of a motor scooter, press the frame down, and enable the necessary coupling point. Design and installation of motor with wheel special explanation is not required: they are enough details shown in the drawings.
When mounted on a sledge “Chuk and GEK” engine with a propeller, special attention must be paid to the fence screw and start the engine with the help of lace (as in outboard motors, driver side). Start directly behind the screw is strictly prohibited because it can lead to serious injuries. We version of the machine shown in figure 2.
Fig. 1. General view of the sledge
Fig. 1. General view of the sledge
Fig. 1. General view of the sledge “Chuk and GEK” with the engine and details:
A — 3/4 front: 1 — clutch lever 2 — handle gas, 3 — spring pendulum suspension bracket fork, 4 — engine D-5, 5 — fuel tank 6 — shield drive wheel 7, the leading chain, 8 — driving wheel 3,50×5, 9 — sprocket driven Z-27, 10 — way plug, 11 — grouser (area 20X20), 12 — silencer mounted on the pendulous fork, 13 — the bottom bracket from an old bike welded to the bridge of the pendulous fork, 14 — axis of rotation of the pendulum 15, and the rear part of the platform of the sled.
B — side of the sled; The design of the pendulum: 1 — cheek 2 — bridge, 3 — unit carriage, 4 — folds Jack bolt of the drive wheel, 5 — tube for mounting the fuel tank, a 6 — strut front motor mount.

Almost simultaneously with the advent of the motorized engine D-5 “Chuck and Huck” the same sled with the motor built in Moscow young technicians club “Luch”. Engine only other: W-52-K (moped “Verhovina-3”), And the results were different: the sleds have become much “faster”, they can be used to tow skaters, skiers or towed sleds with cargo. Their builders repeatedly went ice fishing and was very pleased with their machines. Thus revealed the shortcomings of the structures; this primarily refers to the lateral ski: they require quite a major rework, the aim of which is to provide them with the possibility of longitudinal swing. When installed on a ski hinges, shown in figure 3, the sled go softer, the driver feels less discomfort. Design can be different; the figure shows one of the options.
The suspension of the power unit it is advisable to podrastaet by means of springs or shock absorbers moped type. The suspension frame shall be welded from lightweight thin-walled steel tubes, since the sled is also very light and in the case of heavy tubing design would be unequal-lasting. Under the scheme it should be played (in miniature)! rear suspension scooter, the engine can be installed on the pendulum fork and the unsprung portion mounted to the power unit. In the latter case the leading asterisk engine fitted as close as possible to the axis of rotation of the pendulum fork.
Fig. 2. We option of motorization sledge
Fig. 2. We option of motorization sledge “Chuk and GEK”:
1—brace engine mounts, 2 — engine (D-5 or “Friendship”), 3 — fuel tank 4 — fencing screw, 5 — propeller.
Fig. 3. One of the possible variants of the hinge side of the ski
Fig. 3. One of the possible variants of the hinge side of the ski:
1 — ski, 2 — durable sundusky (or window) loop, 3 — intermediate plate, 4 — Shoe rack side of the ski.

We deliberately do not present all sizes of attachments, power unit: understanding the main idea, the young engineers themselves will be able to design and manufacture all components, based on their capabilities. In some cases, seems to us, such independent creative work may lead to the creation of fundamentally new types of winter “mikrovisata”, as probably you can name this class of machines. And the founder they will be our old friend sledge “Chuk and GEK”.

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