COMFORT CARRYNo, probably none of the citizens who would not love to go fishing, mushroom picking, picnics. Rural residents are outdoors more often. And not just for fun: harvesting, haying, firewood and local building materials… However, regardless of what goals each entering of a dwelling, be it a city apartment or a rural house in the field, where he started to think of how to improve the conditions of his stay in the fresh air?


Ascetics who are willing to cook on a fire, to eat sitting on the ground and sleep on the tarp, still a little. The majority want to be comfortable. Often, however, they have to put up with the lack of such conditions.
And I, for many years eating the “charm” of the fire of life, did nothing to improve something. Finally decided: enough! Want comfort even in the field! And in early 2000 made for your family mobile field camp. And gave him good, in my opinion, the name was “Comfort.”

when choosing eyeglass frames.

Mobile camp is based on a trailer to a passenger car. I have a homemade trailer from scooter “Ant”. I cut off from the scooter the front together with the engine and the remaining chassis has welded himself produced a drawbar coupling node, the reinforcing struts and braces, rear bumper, roll bar of the awning. Then he stitched and pulled the tent. But the regular wheels were replaced by broader — from wheelchairs motorized wheelchairs.

Mobile field camp Comfort
Mobile field camp Comfort:


1 — hook tension canopy (13 PCs); 2.4 — cadnaa and middle cross member (wood, brick 40×40, L2300); 3.5 — rear and b-pillar (4 PCs); 6 — technologies of the tent (the tent fabric); 7 — front cross member; 8 — the front Desk (2 pieces); 9 — car trailer; 10 — pump; 11 — the top (plywood 1200×550, s10); 12 — bench (2 PCs); 13 — stretch (nylon cord. 4 PCs.)
Self-made frame part of the trailer

Homemade frame part of the trailer:


1 — supports table tops (steel, sheet s8); 2 — pole (steel, pipe 60х3); 3 — “foot” (steel, pipe 30х1.5); 4 — bracing (steel, pipe 25×2, 2); 5 – brace (steel, pipe 25×2, 2); 6 — prop a-pillars (steel, angle 50x50x5. pipe 32×3); 7 — holder-pillar (steel, sheet s8. tube 32×3, 2 PCs.)

Then was engaged in the equipment of the mobile mill.
The idea was such. On arrival at the place of the trailer detaches from the car and fixed the “leg” under the tongue and chock the wheels. The drawbar is attached to the top — get a table for six to eight people. To the table over two days.
Next to the trailer mounted to the frame and stretched a large canopy that protects from wind, sun and precipitation. In the depths of the tent, formed canopy, spread out two beach chairs. A little to the side is a metal oven-grill. Next to her folding table for dishes and products. At the back end of the trailer is hinged aluminium washstand.
All this, in addition to ovens, portable and quickly mounted.
Even included a mobile field mill — portable gas stove with cylinder capacity of 5 l, assembled campfire device, the supply of firewood, campfire and dining utensils, a 40-liter jar with water, battery 6ST-55, powerful flashlight, portable car refrigerator, transistor radio, overhead electric canopy, two folding tourist lounger, hammock.
All mill equipment is transported in a trailer, where every thing in its place. Only the canopy to the frame is rolled into a roll and mounted on the outer trunk of a car. Full expand or shrink the mill takes fifteen to twenty minutes. It’s quite a bit, given what a comfortable environment it provides.
Rear (medium) front
The rear (secondary) strut:
1 — fork (steel, sheet s2); 2 — rack (pine); 3 — tip (steel, sheet s2)


The front Desk

1,3 — upper and lower parts (steel, pipe 25×2, L880); 2 — coupling (steel, pipe 40×7,5)
Hook tension canopy (steel, rod d10)

Hook tension canopy (steel, rod d10)
Front cross member
Front crossmember:
1 — crossbar(SOS); 2 — spike (steel, rod d2О, the sheet s4, 2 PCs.)
Three-tier oven-grill

Three-tier oven-grill:
1 — grill pans (steel, rod d14, L355,4 pieces); 2 — housing (stainless steel, sheet s4); 2 — leg (steel pipe d32, 4 PCs.)

Fire device
Campfire device:
1 — front (steel, rod d14 4 PCs); 2 — flyer (steel, rod 014, 12 PCs); 3 — protalinka (steel, rod d14 4 PCs); 4 — poperechenko (steel, rod d14 2 — 4 units); 5 — plate (steel, sheet s4, 2 — 4 pieces)

Folding deck chair
Folding sun lounger:
1 — big frame; 2 — tent (the tent fabric); 3 — spacer (aluminum tube 25×1, 2); 4 — small frame; 5 — pin (aluminium, rod d8, 2); 6 — M8 wing nut; 7 —M8 screws; 8 — pin (rod d10, 2 PCs.)

Folding deck chair

Since then, to go to nature for us is a pleasure. Have a place to wash my hands, cook dinner, relax in the shade. And it’s nice when fishing at dusk, to sit at the table the whole company somewhere on the edge of the birch forest and enjoy soup, fellowship and comfort! Or after the “quiet hunt”, brushing a dozen other Borovikov, watching, until cooked mushroom soup, as the August sun flooded the horizon gold sunset as the day ends. A day that will long be remembered…
But back to design. So, the major alterations.
So you can install the countertop, to the drawbar of my trailer welded two transverse steel plates with holes for the M8 bolts. The tabletop has dimensions 1200×550 mm, cut from plywood. Countersunk four bolts are recessed into the surface of the countertop.
Even the trailer has fixtures to mount the front uprights of the frame of the tent. It cut four steel pipe, two of which are sockets, and two by holders stands. The first is welded to the transverse corner section of 50×50 mm that is included in the design a homemade frame part; a second coaxial with the first, bolted their brackets to the standard of the frame of the trailer. Themselves front and is made of composite cuts steel pipes with a diameter of 40 and 25 mm.
The other two pairs of struts of the frame of the tent (middle and back) — wood, hewed out of pine sticks with a cross-section 40×40 mm. from the Bottom to it with small nails hammered metal end caps with lateral stop for the leg, the top plug serving as a bed cross members of the frame. All three crossbars (pairs of columns). This is a simple plank hewed out of the same pine sticks with a cross-section 40×40 mm, and only one of them is complicated — it is attached to two steel spike for fixing in the a-pillars.



The complete tent includes canopy tent with durable fabric, thirteen hooks of steel rod and four streamers of nylon cord.
A very important attribute of a mobile field mill — metal oven-grill, allowing to cook on three levels in relation to the fire. For example, at the top level (on the grill) can cook food in utensils; at the middle (on the sides) on skewers; on the bottom (at the bottom, that is directly in the coals) to cook foods in foil or clay.
The furnace body is welded from stainless steel sheet with a thickness of 4 mm. Hard, true, but durable, not
so will quickly burn out, like a thin metal. The grille is manufactured from a reinforcing bar, legs out of the pipe.
Oven-grill good to use, of course, at any time of the day. However, the evening’s nicer still to sit around the campfire. But at the same time and dinner to cook. It is enough to remove from the trailer and install prefabricated fire pit device. Of course, on a prepared site.
It is a device made mostly of steel rod with a diameter of 14 mm, is conveniently transported (in Packed form, it takes up little space) and easy to install. This is done so.
In the ground four stakes are driven with the flyers. Depending on what fire and what utensils will be preparing dinner, select the height of the flyers and they placed protalinki, then poperechenko (the more the better) and then put or hung utensils, whether pot, pan, kettle, cauldron or kettle. To poperechenko not rolled, each of them welded curved steel plates. The opposite ends of poperechno is also bent, which makes it quite hard to fix them on protalinka.

The big and the small frame of the sun lounger


Large and small frame of the sun lounger:
1 — base (aluminium tube 25×1, 4 pieces); 2 — crossbars (aluminum, rod d14, 4 PCs.)


Bonfire well, of course, sun loungers. Design classic: two pivotally connected rectangular frames with struts. Moving spacers from one position to another (a total of six such provisions), to give your lounger the desired slope. Folds or unfolds a beach chair for a few seconds.
The material details of its construction — aluminum: pipe diameter 25 mm and bars with diameter 8, 10 and 14 mm.





1 — seat cover (leather); 2 — bracket (steel, angle, 50x50x5, 2); 3 — coupler (steel, pipe 25×2); 4 — kickstand (steel, pipe 25×2, 2 pieces); 5 — leg (steel pipe 25×2,x4); 6 — prop (steel, sheet s4, x4); 7 — gasket seat (foam); 8 — seat base (Board 250×50, L1100); 9 — nail (130); 10 — 10×40 screw (4 PCs.)

The bench, on the contrary, are made non-separable. Their seat is thick pine boards, lined flogged and upholstered with leatherette. Angle brackets, tubular legs, pegs and cords connected to each other by welding, and with the seat screws. Well, that feet did not sink in the soil, their ends are welded roundels fairly wide support.
Folding table
Folding table:
1 — tabletop (plywood 700×500, s15); 2 — clip (steel, sheet s2, 4 PCs.); 3,5 — legs (aluminium,pipe 25×2); 4 — MB bolt with wing nut (2 PCs.)

Near the stove or fire while cooking requires a small folding table. It is common to keep dining dishes, cut up food. This table includes a complete mobile field camp.
The table is easy to manufacture and installation. Its table top made of plywood is pivotally connected to the brackets on the screws with two U-shaped legs of aluminum tubing. To set the table, it is necessary to lower his legs folded to position crosswise, aligning the connection holes, to insert in these holes the bolts and screwed the wing nuts.
Electric torch
Electric lantern:
1 — housing (plastic canister, 5 l); 2 — strut (part of a plastic bottle); 3 — M6 bolt mounting 10 lights; 4,5,6 — glass, with rim and reflector lights (from a motorcycle “Minsk”); 7 — brace (steel, wire 02); 8 — the switch of a lamp of illumination; 9— the switch of a lamp of the floodlight; 10 — battery 6ST-9 (from a motorcycle “IZH”); 11 — fastening of a cover (rubber ring)

The last of the homemade device, which is equipped with a mobile field camp is an electric lantern with a battery 6ST-9 12 V (from the motorcycle “IZH”), working in two modes: backlight lamp and floodlight, which is very convenient. In the manufacture of lamp used headlight (glass, rim, reflector and light bulb) motorcycle “Minsk” — as a body — a five-liter plastic canister from-under electrolyte. The back wall of her cropped on three sides (bottom and sides) so as to obtain cover. After placement into the canister spacers (part of a plastic bottle, selects a free volume for the battery) and the battery cover is pressed against the body the rubber ring, cut from a camera to a car wheel.
Electrical schematic of the lamp
The electrical circuit of the flashlight

The wires from the terminals on the battery are joined to two lighting bulbs and projectors (low beam and high beam headlights) and their switches. The rest of the stuff to complete a mobile field camp (gas stove, gas bottle, two tourist folding chaise lounge, hammock, sink, transistor radio, portable car fridge, portable electric lamp and a battery 6ST-55 for them) — prefabrication and alteration is not needed.Those who want to make a trailer for themselves and not to convert the factory, adding that the state registration number on it in traffic you can get, if the parameters of the trailer will meet the requirements of the standard. My trailer rooms is not allowed, because on the road with heavy traffic does not leave the cost field. And that this room to, I need to change the design of the coupling node (a locking device) and to increase the track wheels to the track width of the tractor vehicle. Requirements are quite reasonable, the main thing on road — traffic safety. Especially with a trailer. So ahead of me — another remake.


G. LEGOSTAEV, Bashkortostan

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