Pneumatic large diameter low pressure tyres are good drivers of all-terrain vehicles in even the harshest of road conditions. But, working with modern highspeed engines, they require a significant decrease in angular velocity by means of transmission and, consequently, increasing the number of stages of the power transmission, its weight and dimensions. Every Amateur designer in his own way links the transmission. Some are even from multiple gearboxes, linking them together with chain transmission that makes power transmission and cumbersome and unreliable in operation.

Therefore a compact gearbox with large gear ratio is not only important but essential transmission mechanism of the pneumatic.
The journal “modelist-Konstruktor” repeatedly returned to the drives (see, for example, No. 11 of’89), but, in my opinion, the published assemblies do not fully ensure decreasing the number of revolutions acceptable for the tires.
Offer technical project, giving an idea about the device I have developed a small-size reversible two-stage gearbox, designed to work even with a motorcycle engine. Basic data for the selection of the gear ratios shown in table 1. A list of standard details in table 2.
The gear case — two-piece, in sheet steel with a thickness of 6-8 mm. All its walls are rectangular in shape. The two sections are welded, which are connected by four bolts M10. Each bearing race secured to the wall with six screws M6. Pads under the cage — oil resistant rubber, lining made of tin with a thickness of 0.2—0.5 mm.
Reducer (fork reverse conventionally not shown)
Reducer (fork reverse is not shown):
1 — shaft pinion first stage; 2 — the bearing 204 (2); 3 — rubber gasket 80x60x2 (2); 4 — inner flange of the bearing 204; 5 — set linings 80×60 (tin s0,2…0,5); 6 — outer flange 204 of the bearing; 7 — a cuff 40x20x9; 8 — cover (steel sheet s6); 9—rubber gasket 84x56x2; 10 — set of linings 84×56 (tin s0,2…0,5); 11 —shaft-gear z second stage (PTO); 12 — cuff 46x25x10; 13 — the bearing 205; 14 — flange bearing 205; 15 — cover gasket-gear housings; 16— driven gear SG of the first stage; 17 — bearing 36206; 18 — bearing race 36206; 19 — rubber pad 108x82x2 (2 PCs); 20 — set of pads 108×82 (tin s0,2…0,5,2 comp.); 21 — bearing 7306 (2); 22 — flange bearing 7306 (2); 23 — cuff 52x30x10 (2); 24 — output shaft of the gear; 25 — Bush reverse; 26 and the driven gear of the second stage; 27— the body of the reducer; 28 — a lining of the walls of the reducer (2 PCs); 29— bearings 206 (4 PCs); 30 — a wall (steel sheet s6, 2); 31 — distance ring (2 PCs.)

The gear case
Layout of the gearbox with the motor scooter
The layout of the gearbox with the motor scooter “Tourist”
Drive shaft gear reducer made of one piece, via a coupling connected to the output shaft of the gearbox of the power unit. The gear ratio of the first stage can be changed depending on the diameter of the pneuma-tics. It is selected by the number of teeth of the mating pair of spur gears is a driven gear and driving. The driven gear sits on the shaft-gear of the next stage, which serves as PTO (PTO), and can be used to drive winches and other mechanisms.
The second stage of the gearbox consists of three spur bevel gears. The drive shaft gear is in constant mesh with a pair of driven gears mounted on a common shaft. In rotation it is driven through the gear sleeve moving on the shaft splines. The sleeve may be in engagement with one or the other driven gear or to remain in a neutral position between them. Sleeve switch lever is
NYM on the gear casing and connected with the plug.
If the vehicle is no reversing due to the lack of transmission in the transmission, then it will provide a reverse gear, and with the same speed as in the forward movement. This reducer allows you to set the drive as in the front and in the rear suspension.
The gearbox design allows the maintenance and if necessary repair and replacement parts. The clearances in the meshing gears are eliminated by removing one or more pads from under the bearing cage.
Manufacturer of gear possible in the Studio, having grooving machines and equipment for surface hardening of friction parts.
BURKOV, POS and x t a n, Nizhny Novgorod region.

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