FAMILY MINIBIKEAdopted today, the classification of tan called micro motorcycles for the (dimensions allow to store a car in the apartment and transported her in the car). And family — because the design was suitable for me and for my son. Built two’t have a minibike: from each other they differ only in the headlights, but otherwise identical. Here on this model, the “family” design will be discussed.

The most difficult knot, of course, the frame. It is welded from steel pipes. Moreover, the one-piece crossbar and the front and rear load-bearing composite struts. Bent on the bending machine and cutting billet struts are welded so that the connection resembles, figuratively speaking, a handshake. This is done in order to shift the D-6 engine to the left, for in the same direction and offset sprocket driven due to the large width of the rear wheel (it, like the front from the card).
The crossbar and the rear tray are connected at one point of the inner frame of the trunk. Its main strength member has a bend like a horseshoe from the pipe Ø20 mm and is welded to the segment of the same pipe, which has a propyl under ordinary fortochny loop. To last screws are attached to the seat base from desyatiletnego plywood. On top of him glued foam cushion upholstered in leatherette.
The seat also serves as a trunk lid formed by the walls of millimeter tin, wrapped around the rear strut and welded to the frame. Closed bottom wall sloping tin bottom. The back of the trunk from the inside is reinforced with triangular plates with gussets welded to the frame on the left and right. Scarves are on the same horizontal axle Ø10 mm, designed for fastening of shock-absorbers and outer trunk.
Fig. 1. General view't have a minibike
Fig. 1. General view’t have a minibike:
1 — tail lining, 2 front fork, 3 — steering bushing frame, 4 — front fender, 5 — way plug, 6 — absorber, 7 — brace the outer of the trunk, 8 — axle the shock absorber and the outer trunk, 9 — folding seat.

Fig. 2. Frame
Fig. 2. Frame:
1 — the steering bushing, 2 — bar, 3 — frame for interior of trunk, 4 — folding seat base, 5 — hinge, 6 — Klondike, 7 — axle of the shock absorber and the outer trunk, 8 — internal trunk bottom, 9 wall — 10, 11 — details of the rear brace, 12 — bushing of the pendulous fork, 13 — bushing, brake lever, 14 — sleeve running boards, a 15 — jumper 16, 17 — parts of the front brace, 18 — bronze bearing (2 pieces).

Fig. 3. Pendulum fork
Fig. 3. Pendulum fork:
1 — loop, 2, 3 — holes for the wing mounting, 4 — bar, 5 — side tube, 6 — axle shock absorber and strut of the outer trunk 7— eye.
Bottom frame is welded to another bushing foot pegs, brake lever (to the Col) and of a pendulum (to the rear strut). The first two of pipes Ø25 mm special complexity did not differ. That’s just in the sleeve of the brake lever drilled blind hole, which is inserted into the end of the brake springs (at the other end on the lever).
Sleeve pendulum intricate. It is asymmetric relative to the strut, has a lug with a thread to screw the tension of the brake cable and two bronze sliding bearing to the axis of the pendulous fork. Bearings are planted in place after welding and to ensure the alignment of their holes the reamed. The fork is symmetrical relative to the longitudinal axis. It consists of hinges, the side tubes Ø20 mm, lugs and spacers Ø15 mm. the Front ends of the side tubes are curved, the back flattened, and all are welded to the loops and the eyelets. In the last drilled Hole Ø10 mm, where the axle welded to absorber rods and struts of the outer trunk.
The rear wing is bolted to the strut (it has two holes Ø6,2 mm) to the struts of the trunk.
Front fork consists of three pipes connected with the holders. Two of them are cylinders of shock absorbers. Bottom they pressed nylon bushing, and the top is welded a stub of 3 mm thickness with holes for special bolts with a spiral groove.
The cylinders are tightly welded to the lower holder, and the steering axis. Axle to put on the rings and bearings off the bike, steering bushing’t have a minibike frame with a bike the same bearing cups and the top nut and the holder. All of this is pulled together by another nut and lock nut.
R and p. 4. Front fork
R and S. 4. Front fork:
1 suspension rod (2 PCs.), 2 — the cylinder of the shock absorber (2 PCs.), 3 — lower holder, 4 — ear mount lights (2 PCs), 5 — upper holder, 6 — starbolt M10, 7 — locknut M26, 8, 9 — nuts M26, 10 — steering axle, 11 — bracket mounting wing (2 PCs), 12 — nylon bushings, 13 — plug 14 — sinking spring.

R and p. 5. Details of the front wheel
R and S. 5. Details front wheel:
1 — half of the disk, 2 — bearing cap (2 EA.), 3 — hub, 4 — ring, 5 — axis, 6 — axis nut (2 PCs), 7 — bushing axis.

R and p. 6. Details of the rear wheel
R and S. 6. Details of the rear wheel:
1, 2 — half disk, 3 — hub, 4 — ring 5 — bearing cap (2 PCs.), 6 — bushing axis, 7 — a steel liner-ring (in the left half of the disk), 8 — sprocket driven, 9 — axis.

Then set in place specalty having a spiral groove in which is screwed amortization spring. Recorded at spinboldak, they are rolled also in the depreciation of stocks (from a motorbike). Stocks here shortened by 110 mm and flattened to form lugs mounting the wheels. In addition, the front fork is welded two eyelets for lights (from “Verkhovyna”) and two bracket wings. Directly the wheel is mounted on a fork with plates with four bots M6.
Now about the wheels. Both of them, as already mentioned, from the map, So we had to develop our own design as discs, hubs and axles. All these items are machined from duralumin alloy D16T and steel 45.
Rims demountable, consist of two halves, one of which has a hole under the valve chamber. The ribs of the hubs of the wheels are attached with bolts and rings, repeating the dimensions of the ribs. Inside of the hubs are pressed steel bushing with the axes of the wheels and bearings. The latter are placed on the dural M3 screws bearing cover.
Sprocket driven also homemade, made of steel 45 with the teeth under the broad chain with a pitch of 12.7 mm.

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