FLEET PROJECTS“Born, live and work in rural areas, writes to the editor our reader N. Kurbatov from the village of Borisovka-2 Belgorod region. Since his school years always was doing something: model ships, planes, although no tools (except a pen knife), no literature on this subject at that time was not.

Then came the magazine “Young modeller-constructor” (individual numbers I have stored now) who grew up in “modelist-Konstruktor” — read it today, and draw many useful. Published in the rubrics “Public Bureau”, “Small mechanization”, “Club house masters” are a guide to action and light on technical creativity, to create their own designs. And there in my life, I did a lot. Thirty years ago, the magazine first published the material on the sled and I made the larger, later — the tillers — and I made not one, then the snowmobiles on the tires — and I got this design.
Photos of existing cars and now with a brief description decided to send in a favorite magazine.”
Photo 1. The aircar
Photo 1. Aeromobil
Made in 1987, since then, operated every season in the snow-free period. Engine PD-8, two-bladed propeller with a diameter of 1 m. All three wheels, from a moped equipped with brakes. Rear suspension — leaf spring located transversely to the sheet from the truck, and the front suspension — fork from the bike. The maximum speed was not measured, but, in my estimation, 80 kilometers develops.
Photo 2. Car
Photo 2. The car
Made in 1989 and only recently withdrawn from service. That it only took: wood and brick, and sand, and potatoes, and the trailer-dissolution even 7-foot logs. First it was the engine of the scooter VP-150 “Vyatka”. Then he replaced the motor from the “Tula.” The frame of the car from the pipes welded. Rear axle differential and is of semi — solid shaft of diameter 30 mm. Wheel of agricultural machinery. Steering — from “the Muscovite”. Brake band, cab plywood, the top of her oilcloth.
Photo 3. Three-wheeled scooter with cabin
Photo 3. Tricycle scooter with a cab
Made in 1992, but now in rainy weather trips to work over 5 km. the Engine block of the scooter VP-150, from the “Vyatka” and wheels. Front suspension — leaf automotive leaf springs mounted transversely. Control of motorcycle type.
Photo 4. All-terrain vehicle on the tires
Photo 4. All-terrain vehicle on the tires
This is the second machine of this type. Made in 2001.
The motor of the motorcycle “Voskhod”, air-cooled, forced. Frame welded, tubular. Wheels with tires, dual cameras — from the machinery. Drive chains with a pitch 15,875 mm and shaft bearings from the combine “Niva”.
Photo 5. Car
Photo 5. The car
Made to replace the previous one (Photo 2). Kinematics is the same, the rear axle differential. The motor — scooter “Tula”. More reliable suspension and brakes than its predecessor. Intended for household needs, but because the maximum speed is about 50 km/h.

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