ANY ROADThis car, dubbed “Lyuga-750”, I designed and built quite independently, and this helped me a lot in the journal “modelist-Konstruktor”. The process of creating a car lasted about two years, and for several years operated it quite successfully. Of course, the first trip revealed a lot of shortcomings, but they are quickly eliminated, and the machine was updated and improved. Not long ago, the car passed state tests and technical inspection and was found fit for use.

Long trip again confirmed the suitability of the “Lugi” for operation. In particular, the machine fared well in the travel on the route Omsk — Izhevsk — Perm — Kirov — Yekaterinburg — Chelyabinsk — Ufa — Naberezhnye Chelny — Laski FDD, the engine of the motorcycle K-750, transmission, driveshaft (short), reducer main transmission and the fuel pump from the car “Moskvich-412”. Carb, starter, crown starter, clutch — from “zaporozhtsa”. The engine is equipped with fan forced air cooling and motor generator set is normally. Both are in the rotation of “Zhiguli” with the help of wedge belt.
Carter of a reducer of the main transfer homemade. Homemade and the clutch housing. The flywheel had to lengthen and spread on his ring gear from “zaporozhtsa”. Driveshaft cut and made collapsible (on the splines) in order to be in the team or the repairs to pass it in the hole in the rear cross beam. Such a design of the powertrain gave me the opportunity to keep the torsion bar suspension of the rear wheels.
Body — frame type. First of steel pipes with an outside diameter of 19 mm and a wall thickness of 1 mm was mounted to the frame. Trim from sheets of a roofing steel. At first I tried to weld the sheets to the pipes through their connections with the frame elements, but rather thin sheets at the weld warp, and as a result the casing was inflated. After numerous experiments, was born on the very interesting technology of installation of curtain trim parts. The essence of the method is that the line of contact between the sheet and tubular frame element nastelivaetsya holes with a diameter of 4 mm with a pitch of about 50 mm, after which the sheet tightly against the pipe and the hole in the sheet of a roofing steel brewed. It turned out a kind of rivet. Further, the welding spot has zashlifovyvayut. The seam turned out smooth and even, without the slightest trace of warping. Thus, the body did not have any irregularities or signs of welding.
Fig. 1. The layout of the car
Fig. 1. The layout of the car “Lyuga-750”:
1 — torsion bars, front suspension, 2 — a reducer of the steering mechanism, 3 — tie rod 4 — shock absorbers front suspension, 5 — link rear suspension, 6 — torsion rear suspension, 7 — rear suspension shock absorbers, 8 — steering shaft, 9 — the drive belt-fan and alternator, 10 — fan 11 — generator 12 — carburetor 13 — starter 14 — clutch 15 — exhaust pipe, 16 — transmission 17 — muffler 18 — propeller shaft, 19 — steering wheel, 20 — spline clutch propeller shaft 21 — gear main transmission, 22 — cardan drive shafts of the drive wheels.

Fig. 2. Tubular frame
Fig. 2. Tubular frame:
1 — front crossmember 2 — mounting brackets shock absorbers, 3 — side a-pillar, 4 — side members of the Luggage compartment, 5 — frame, 6 — rear cross member, 7 — transverse beam, 8 — lateral side members (sills), 9 — Central spars, 10 — mounting bracket of the front axle, 11 — tubular cross member of the frame 12, the mounting brackets of the gearbox main gear.

Painted the car with enamel type PF-1217. Samodelkina highly recommend this brand of paint: dry it at room temperature, and the coating strength and decorative properties only slightly inferior to the “synthetics” hot drying and, of course, much better nitroenamels.
The saloon is finished with faux leather, equipped with a heater, the supply air from the heated manifold, cassette player and radio.
The dimensions of the interior of the car was approximately the same as the “Zaporozhets”, but the seats have “Luge” set slightly higher, so landing on them is more convenient. In conclusion, little information: at the time of this writing, the car has about 20 thousand miles without any serious breakdowns.
M. Vdovin,
Udmurt Republic

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