GUN PAINTWhat are the only guns not used in the work of modelers! From airbrushes to purchase homemade products from a school eraser and two cocktail straws. Today we want to introduce you with another home — it’s really more complicated than that, which was discussed above, but works on the same principle. And most importantly — not an example of easier to use. Based on the design of the spray gun taken by the device about the device which is described in the Bulgarian magazine “Young designer”.
The body of the spray gun similar to the gun, consists of two symmetrical halves, cut from plywood, thick wood or any plastic. The thickness of each of the plates 10-12 mm. to Handle procurement best at the same time, connecting them with screws M4 with nuts. It is only necessary to connect the workpieces with a strip of cardboard with a thickness of 0.5 mm. After final finishing of the hull and drill holes of all internal cardboard is removed. When you build this will allow you to securely fix the body spray all internal parts.
These parts in the fixture not so much, and you can make them almost all by hand, without the use of tools. Even the air nozzle and the tip for the paint is easy to make using only a drill. This is done so. To start getting brass or copper protochki Ø 8 mm, they are cut “to size” the relevant workpiece. Machining of internal holes produced by drilling: in this process, the workpiece clamped in the Chuck of a drill, and drill in a vise. Outer surface of the cone, the stair communicated with a file, wherein the workpieces are also clamped in the Chuck of the drill.
Without machining you can do when making the trigger valve — it cut out of 12mm aluminum rod.
Inlet pipe air nozzle — copper or brass with a wall thickness of 0.5 mm and external Ø 5 mm. Connecting one of them with air nozzle — using soldering.
A spray-gun.
1 — inlet air hose, 2 — inlet tube (copper, brass Ø 5X0,5 mm) 3 — M4 screw with nut (5 PCs.), 4 — tube valve (rubber), 5 — spring (OVS Ø 0.5—1 mm), 6 — pins-limiters (steel, Ø 3 mm), 7 — trigger the shut-off valve (D16T, Ø 12 mm) 8 — tube air nozzle (copper, brass Ø 5X0,5 mm), 9 — holder (D16T S=3 mm), 10 — M4 screw with nut (2 PCs), 11 — the case of the nozzle 12 of the air nozzle (copper, brass), 13 — tip (copper, brass), 14 — washer 15 — nut M5 16 — cover 17 — tube (polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride), 18 — cylinder for paint.
Gate valve is a soft rubber tube, which when not pressed the trigger clamped them with a spring. I press the trigger, and the tube is released, opening a passage for the compressed air. In its hole in the housing of the spring is fixed a wooden or plastic tube, is fixed in the housing through a screw with M4 thread.
Spray paint — plastic bottle with a capacity of about 100 ml. is Necessary only not to forget to drill the drain hole Ø 1-1,5 mm — otherwise the paint will not be supplied to the air nozzle.
The compressed air source can serve as a conventional automotive pump. Of course, better if it is a foot — this will allow you to pump up the air during painting, without resorting to outside help. In the air track, it is desirable to enter the receiver — for example, a camera, a soccer ball, camera from the motorcycle tires or car.
To determine the optimal spray pattern, you need to experiment to find the consistency of the ink and the diameter of the air nozzle. May need to increase to 1-2 mm.

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