ON ANY SOILThanks to the “Modeller-designer” I’m still at school became interested in technical creativity. Three-wheeled all-terrain vehicle is one of my latest designs. It used the engine from a motorcycle “IZH-Planeta”, equipped with a fan, differential — motorized С3А, fuel tank (located under passenger seat) — from scooter “Electron”.

The wheels are made from aluminum cans and plywood strips with a thickness of 10 mm between them. The front wheel is covered with duralumin wing.
The main share of the mass of the vehicle (driver and passenger), falls on the rear axle, so the machine has good pass “awn on any soil and loose snow. Maximum speed (solid Remix) reaches 90 km/h all-terrain Vehicle capable to overcome the small water obstacles.
V. STANKEVICH, Lepel, Vitebsk region

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