HELICOPTER-FIREMANMany professions small all-purpose Ka-26 in he became a forest firefighter. A simple device for extinguishing fires developed at the Leningrad scientific research Institute of forestry. It is a cable device with an outboard tank for collecting water from nearby ponds in flight.

The device consists of a water tank, a suspension system, a mechanism for detaching it in the work area, shock absorber, of the tether and the limit switch DP-702. When filling and draining the tank is rotated by means of a cable from the electric winch LPG-150M.
A fiberglass tank made in the shape of a truncated cone. At the height of the sides is 1 m, it weighs only 24 kg and holds 320 litres To the bottom of the tank is attached to the halyard with the other end of the carabiner and loop for attaching to the hook of the winch. The hanging system has a length of 10 m. it consists of two nylon tethers with carabiners, struts and hanging beams with TradeRoom. The pilot gives him and the harness system with the tank immediately separated from the helicopter, taking the working position.
The scheme of the tank and its suspension on the helicopter:
1 — tank — bottom bracket, 3 — halyards suspension, 4 — rope of the winch.

For water intake the helicopter hovers over the reservoir, attaches the winch, the cable retracts and the tank, turning, leaning. If additional reduction is its content. Is just 7-12 with the tank full. Over the fire place again actuate the winch, the tank is tilted… using screws and a low speed of flight, water, spray, wets strip 6X35 m. This is sufficient to effectively extinguish some fires or stop a ground fire of any intensity.

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