MINI-COMPRESSOR FROM THE FRIDGEFor the qualitative and rapid painting using airbrushes and spray guns, for many other works in the home Studio suitable table mini-compressor which can be assembled from the compressor unit of the refrigerator. Moreover, it is not necessary to use the new host is quite good and with a clogged pump valves. The main thing – would be a good motor. And you can check it easily before disassembly – using an ohmmeter, measure the resistance of starting and working windings (respectively 5 and 20 Ohms).

To extract the motor with the pump from the casing, you will need to do at the ends of the casing are two annular cut. Then, unscrewing the four mounting bolts M6 to pull out from one side of the stator, and a rotor pump mounted on the disc-shaped base.
To restore functionality of the valve is sufficient to wash them in gasoline or acetone (collecting, should establish their petals strictly on the former place). Verified the functionality of the pump after Assembly by rotation of the rotor of the motor with a closed outlet pipe.
Reassembly (without casing) is the connection of the motor stator with the base of the pump using the four M6 bolts and distance tubes with a length of 40 mm. Russomanno tightening the bolts, the stator is carefully centres, so that the rotor can rotate freely.
The change in the system of lubrication of the motor bearings and pump is reduced to the replacement of maslozavodska a simple grease gun. For its production suitable box from 2X8 mm film strip, the bottom of which is soldered into the copper tube Ø4 mm, the other end prapanna to the flange of the appropriate dimensions. Before long the oil can work it is necessary to re-fill. The recommended grades of oils – as-8, DS-11 or any motor with a viscosity of at least 8 cSt.
Fig. 1. General view of the compressor
Fig. 1. General view of the compressor:
1 – hose 2 – terminal network cord, 3 – start button 4 – on / off toggle switch operating coil. 5 – front panel 6 – stator of the electric motor, 7 – standoffs. 8 – the base of the pump, 9 – oiler, 10 – manometer, 11 – receiver, 12 – frame, 13 – mounting bracket compressor unit, corner 45X45 mm, 14 – mounting clamp receiver.
Fig. 2. Removing the casing of the refrigeration unit.
Fig. 2. Removing the casing of the refrigeration unit.
Fig. 3. The electric circuit of the motor.
Fig. 3. The electric circuit of the motor.
As the air receiver is convenient to use the empty cylinder from the tourist gas cookers. After removal of the valve in its threaded hole is installed tee to connect the output tube of pump with gauge and the outlet tube of the receiver.
As the pump is able to produce pressure above 10 kg/cm2, the required reduction is as simple spring valve, bleed the excess air to the atmosphere.
The base of the compressor with a rectangular steel frame, used in refrigerator for the suspension Assembly. In its Central part on two bolts fixed dural area 45X45 mm, in which is fixed the compression set.
Front panel, bent the duralumin plate thickness 1.5 – 2.5 mm, bolted to the frame-basis. Located on the contact terminals, the switch operating coil and the power button pad. Through a hole in the front panel displayed the output tube.
Hose for compressed air supply is available to make yourself from PVC pipe. So she can withstand the pressure of the air, she should wear a metal braid removed from the shielded wires. Sealing of ends of braid with yarn or copper wire. This hose is strong enough and at the same time soft and easy to work with.
The biennial operation of the compressor showed the reliability and efficiency of the design. Compressed air contains almost no oil. With time, some of it condenseries in the receiver, therefore, it is desirable in the lower part of the cylinder to install a tube to drain condensation. Not recommended for painting in the cold season, if the compressor is installed indoors. In this case, the hose will trap moisture that can get into the paint.
Plant performance is sufficient not only for the airbrush: the pump will rapidly pump up a Bicycle camera, ball, inflatable toys. And even on a fully deflated tire Zhiguli will require no more than 10 minutes. The same who need a compressor to operate a paint spray gun, it is possible to recommend more powerful version of several pump sections mounted on a common base. To bring them into action a chain drive from a single motor.

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