ON THE ASPHALT WITH A BOAT MOTORAfter reading the title, you might think: a motor is being repaired. Nothing of the sort. This patially “Surf” in excellent condition. But it is not set on the boat, and on the original four-wheeled horseless carriage, designed and built in children’s technical club ZHKO research Institute of inorganic materials.

Car, not without reason called “Unicum” is the first successful attempt of application serial the power head of outboard motor on land crew. As you know, domestic boat motors “Surf”, “Wind” all types, “Moscow”, “Neptune” and “Whirlwind” are water-cooled (sea-water). Water pump in zerobalance space of the engine, and then passes through the deadwood, where it cools the exhaust gases and is exhausted to the outside.
“Unique” is applied to the closed-loop thermosiphon system: a two-gallon tank with water (Fig. 1) allows to operate the engine even in very hot weather.
“Unique” has a suspension that is collected from various parts of children’s scooters, four wheels located under the “diamond”: front — steering, rear — swiveling and two on the sides (one of them is left — is the leading). All four wheels are attached to the frame of the machine using the front forks from scooter, the plugs side wheels are fixed. Wheel — type Bicycle (in front of the machine is fully used steering column of the scooter). Fork rear wheel is redesigned, as shown in figure 2. This arrangement of wheels provides the car an extremely high maneuverability. For example, turning the front wheel 90° to the right, you can get it to turn on a dime!
The drive from the engine to the sprocket is a friction rubber roller, mounted on the flywheel (Fig. 3) which is pressed against the wheel by the foot pedal. Pressing the foot pedal, you can move the entire engine side of the wheel; special spring returns the motor back, when the pedal is released. Start the engine samourais cord (same as on the boat).
The frame of the car body is assembled from dural corners 30×30 mm bolts with nuts (Fig. 4) and is lined with plywood 6 mm bolts M 5 mm with washers and nuts. The lower part of the frame has a double sing of plywood to secure it to the pipe bearing on samokatnaya fork.
Brake system from sportellounico bike, one front wheel. The brake lever is located on the right handlebar. In addition, very effective braking motor — reduction speed or the ignition is turned off.
The construction of the “Unique” does not require any welding and turning works. Assembly was performed using elementary Handtools.
A. ABRAMOV, head of children’s technical club gets the NIIKMA

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