PNEUMOSTAT IN THE WINTER AND SUMMERDownhill on sleigh with mountains-a fascinating sport and a great way to relax. It is a pity that this pleasure is available only in snowy winter. Summer, spring and fall on such a lesson can only dream of. However, it is possible to make and such a versatile sports equipment that is suited for skiing the mountains at any time of the year. Moreover, it is not too difficult. However, “Sani” then you need a special air.

PNEUMOSTAT IN THE WINTER AND SUMMERThe General considerations on the construction of universal sports equipment lead to the idea that it is based on should be large diameter wheels with low pressure tires that can endure the bumps or small shrubs or small potholes. These wheels perfectly proved himself on the pneumatic-tired machines – all seasonal, all-terrain vehicles, which are equally thrive and snowy, swampy space. However, if descending from the mountains to design a three – or four-wheeled crew the traditional scheme, then it turns into a non-transportable cart on which the mountain is somehow possible to descend, but to get her upstairs…

If you abandon the traditions and canons and recognize that less than one wheel on the crew for the descent from the mountains to deliver fails, then the optimal scheme becomes a unicycle, with the location of athlete’s… within the wheels.

Take a look at the pictures. As you can see, the basis of pneumona is camera large diameter of the tractor or truck. Its outer diameter in an inflated state is about five feet. It is not necessary to find a new camera – quite useful and old punctures. It is easy to fix with a rubber patch and vulcanizer. Fit and glue “Moment”. The pressure inside the chamber is small so that it will operate.

Look again at the drawings. As you can see, the “sled” together with the athlete rolls the inside wheel on the two annular tracks, which together with twelve cradles form a kind of hub. Ring rails bend of duralumin tubes with a diameter of 25×2,5 mm. the Inner diameter of the ring depends on the size of the pneumatic chambers. Thus, when the outer diameter of 1,500 mm inner diameter of the annular rail – 920 mm, respectively, the length of a single tube billet is about three meters.

Ring rails have to be perfectly round in plan. To ensure this, need a simple Plaz: on a flat sheet of plywood draws a circle with a diameter of 920 mm, the perimeter of the sheet hammered in nails without hats with a pitch of about 200 mm. Bending the tube, periodically checking it on the Plaza, ensuring that the nails and between the tubular workpiece there is no gap. Connect the ring blank in a single rail with rivets and screws and tubular insert, the external diameter of which is equal to the inner diameter of the pipe-rail.

Lodgements uniting rails into a single hub, cut from a sheet of aluminum 2.5 mm thick. All these details will need at least 12 pieces. The size of each piece-80×300 mm, With tubular rails lodgements are connected by countersunk screws, distance sleeves and screws. Bushings represent pipe segments with an external diameter of 10 mm and the inner is 6 mm Lodgements bent in the form of pneumatic chambers, at the ends of elongated slotted openings through which is passed the textile or nylon strap, fixing the tire on the hub.

“Sani”, which is the athlete inside wheels represent a tubular frame chair, bent from dural or steel pipe with a diameter 22×2,5 mm. to Bend a tube is easiest on a mandrel of suitable diameter, having filled the pipe with the sifted sand. To avoid cracking, it is necessary to pre-heat the place bend over the gas burner, Pro-Panova burner or a blowtorch. Made of anodized aluminum, however, “does not like” no overheating or underheating. Why experienced plumbers-copper-Smiths used in such operations to the following trick: take soap, lubricate them before heating the site of the future fold. As the heat watching the behavior of the soap layer: if began to blacken – the heating should be discontinued.

Bending of a rectangular frame, the ends of the pipe dock by using tubular couplers and four rivets or screws. Then adjusted to the type of that shown in the figure. In the place where the seat goes into the back set tubular cross member, which is fastened with long threaded studs and two nuts with washers.


The next operation – rollers manufacture in which the trolley rolls on rails. They are carved out of the PCB or kaprolon and reminiscent of the train stingrays. The diameter of the working part of the roller is about 50 mm, the maximum diameter of the flange is 70 mm, width 30 mm Wheel set on the axle is a steel rod with a diameter of 6 mm. However, more acceptable version of the ball bearing. On a frame the rollers are mounted by means of brackets. Clipping wheelset, note that the axis must be stationary and the support rollers to rotate freely.

Pneumococ - sports equipment for downhill from the mountains


Pneumococ - sports equipment for downhill from the mountains

Pneumococ – sports equipment for downhill from the mountains:

1 – the pneumatic chamber (from a tractor or truck);

2 – the cradle (aluminum s2,5.. .3, 80×300, 12 PCs.);

3 – rail ring (made of anodized aluminum, pipe 25×2,5, 2);

4 – of nylon or cotton strap securing the pneumatic chambers (3×30.. .40);

The 5.8 – foot truck ramps (PCB or kaprolon, 2);

6 – bogie frame (aluminum pipe 22×2,5);

7 – safety clip (PCB or kaprolon, 2);

9 – tie the frame and the ring rail (aluminum, tube 10×2, 24 PCs);

10 – stick

In addition to the four rollers, the cart is equipped with two pressure relief, not allowing her to “go” off the rails. These videos cut from the same material as the main wheels. They are fixed on the brackets mounted on the side frame.

Seat and backrest formed by the bogie frame, braided nylon twine, PVC pipe, or, at worst, synthetic clothes line.

It remains to mount the pneumatic chamber. Expand it on the hub and slightly inflate. The nylon or cotton straps to secure the lodgment and inflate completely. Our sports equipment is ready for downhill!


For the first descents is better to choose a low hill. You need to master the wheel and learn to drive in a straight line, make turns, tilting the body in either direction. Slowing down the left or right leg with a simultaneous inclination of a trunk, you may cool enough to change the direction of the descent without the risk of capsizing.

A few words about the gear. Enough winter jackets, fur hats and mittens, but in the summer must have a helmet (motorcycle or, in an extreme case, hockey), gloves, knee pads and elbow pads. It would be nice to wear more and jacket – she will protect you at first from scratches and abrasions.


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