RECUMBENT FOR KIDThe idea to design children’s recumbent came to me not by accident. The fact that all of the current children’s pedal cars are not without drawbacks. The idea of the idealized child recumbent folds, in my opinion, from the following functional features: collapsible design; similarities with the car; ease of use and storage; maximum comfort for your child.
In the retail network supplied children’s velomobile, which is a close copy of the car chassis. Its main disadvantages are bulkiness, considerable weight, the presence of unjustified from the point of view of kinematics, elements of the treadle and steering, which reduce efficiency and increase energy consumption of the passenger. In addition, the design of recumbent folding, which complicates its transportation and storage. There is also a model of velomobile “Bunny”, which is an open frame with a moveable and adjustable seat. Design flaws are the same: it is sealed; has a complex actuator that converts reciprocating motion into rotary; recumbent hard overcomes natural obstacles.
Creating your velomobile, I wanted to eliminate all these drawbacks. The resulting work was filed on the invention.
The proposed design of the velomobile is designed for active leisure and physical development of children aged 2 to 5 years. Structurally, the velomobile consists of two symmetrical bent frame, bonded with each other by using dismountable joints in the steering mechanism. Front frame is a U-shaped structure, the free end of which includes a support made of solid wood (or nylon) and playing the role of bearings. In supports fixed to the crankshaft with pedals and wheels. The rear frame is a curved V-shaped design with bearings, axle and wheels. In the middle part of the rear frame includes a crossbar with a pin included in the second part of the rolling support on the front frame.
Children's recumbent.Children's recumbent.
The children’s recumbent:
1 — steering gear 2 — seat, 3 — front frame, 4 — frame back, 5 — front wheel 6 rear wheel. 7 — crankshaft, 8 — rear axle, 9 — bearing, 10 — cheek pedals, 11 — rivet, 12 — cardboard strip, the 13 — spacer tube and 14 spacer washer 15 — retaining ring 16 — screw-screw, 17 — pin, 18 — strip 19 — pole.
The main elements of the RAM tube from the clamshell. Welding in the construction of almost not used. All the connections are made with screws or rivets. Drive the crankshaft is made of steel rod Ø 10 mm. Wheel and plastic wheel, borrowed from a child’s Bicycle “Tractor”; of taken and the rear axle. The steering gear and the bearing front frame is made on the bearings. The seat is bent out of vinyl plastic and is mounted to the front frame depending on the child’s growth. The tubular design of the velomobile gives it the appearance of a car-like buggy. A wide seat with a backrest, vertical shaft steering steering wheel with horn, finally, the presence of four wheels — all of this together completes the “car” type design.
Front frame (bottom view).
Front frame (bottom view):
1 — leash, 2 — bearing, 3 — crossbar.
Back frame.
Rear frame:
1 — pin, 2 — bar.
The main advantage of the recumbent is the possibility of quick disassembly and Assembly. For disassembly, you must disconnect the leash of the steering mechanism from the top of the V-frame, rotate it by an angle of more than 45° and push out of the supports on the crossbar. The distance between the wheels is selected so that in the folded position THEY do not interfere with each other. “Perelamyvaniem” velomobile happens first around the vertical axis, and then shift down horizontal.
During Assembly of the velomobile front and rear frame are joined together so that the pin entered into the support bearings. Then, turning V-shaped frame relative to the pin, move the latch to the leash of the steering mechanism and to connect them together. After that, the recumbent is mounted on wheels. All recumbent ready.
The velomobile has good permeability, its front-wheel design allows you to freely move obstacles with a height of half the wheel.
The low weight of the velomobile — 12 kg and small dimensions when folded allow you to solve all the problems related to transporting and storing it in a city apartment.
Children's recumbent.
Recumbent folded.
Recumbent folded. The wheel is not thrown back.
KOVALYOV, engineer

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