HOE-CHANGELINGA common set of garden tools: shovel, rake, hoe… We got used to them unchanged for dozens of pet form, and do not think that it is time for them to become perfect. Take, for example, the hoe. Assign it to loosen the soil, help with the weeding. But if processing sogeposte of arable land with a thick layer of turf need a heavier hoe with a wide blade to loosen the soil in the landscaped garden of the hoe would be smaller. Of course, you can buy hoes of different sizes. But is it worth getting the whole kit of similar tools, if they can be replaced by one — universal, which is easy to do with their hands. Approaches
Nita at the picture. this lightweight garden tool is very easy to use, as it has five working edges. A knife is for fine work where a regular hoe would damage the roots, and the wider blade. Mutually perpendicular edges In G and form an angular undercut, which you can easily pererubat the root of any weed. A sickle blade D can be used for pruning.
To make this hoe better from the plate of stainless steel or heat-treated steel.

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