THE WINGS OF THE PILEMechanical properties and geometry accuracy of load-bearing planes of flying models is largely dependent on technology, build their skeleton. The most known and widespread technique of carrying out of Assembly works with the use of flat boards, not strictly the existing slipway. However, it has a number of disadvantages. To take at least extremely uncomfortable and far from accurate installation of a wide rear edge with concave-convex profiling plane.
Solving almost all problems allows the use of spectabile, the proposed model airplanes (by the way, as became clear from the latest issues of the journal, this technology will be useful to modelers-the boaters that use rigid wings, sails) J. Mikolay from Berdyansk.
The basis of spectabile is a profiled panel made of foam. The working side of her after checking the flatness of the faces of the workpiece using templates and thermotron is processed accurately at the lower produice the profile of the wing. Templates are manufactured with an allowance for 20 mm at both ends of the chord of plywood with thickness of 2-3 mm or sheet of aluminum with a thickness of 1-2 mm with marking the front and rear ends of the profile. When using plywood the ends of the working, it is useful to secernate soft pencil, and dural — buff out. This will facilitate the movement of heated wire without jerks.
Fig. 1. Templates.
Fig. 1. Templates:
1 — a template of the wing profile, 2 — pattern foam “lining” machine.
Fig. 2. The formation of the working surface of the foam
Fig. 2. The formation of the working surface of the foam “lining”:
1 — pattern stocks, 2 — foam block, 3 — base, 4 — frame of Thermaltake with a cutting thread.
Fig. 3. The slipway at work.
Fig. 3. Stapel:
1 — base 2 — “padding”, 3 — the front edge of the plane, 4 — rib, 5 — trailing edge.
The reason for the pile is cut from a sheet of chipboard or window glass thickness of 6-8 mm. the dimensions exceed the dimensions of the foam “lining”, which, in turn, more projection plane of about 10-20 mm on all sides. The best material for “lining” I must admit melkosortnyj easy foam, as it is immediately after armoreska gives the working surface of the required quality. After the control on the surface in PVA glue production drawing in full size and waiting for complete drying, covered Mylar film. With such a finish, the bench will last in the conditions of the mug long enough.
Pre-installation of longitudinal frame members adhere using sticky tape. It should be noted that these stocks are well suited for the Assembly of conical sections of planes. In such cases, of course, processing of the foam “padding” is on different templates.
The advantage of the proposed method of Assembly is high reliability of retention of a given when you build the wing twist for a long time.
J. MIKULA, head of the aeromodelling circle, Berdyansk

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