DAY BRAKEThe brake light is on every car. However, the day (and especially during Sunny weather), the light becomes less visible. My suggestion is to use for signaling braking and still the Parking lights (so much so that at dusk and at night, they automatically would go to work in the usual, regular mode). For this customization requires minimal intervention in the scheme of the onboard network of the car, and here is the result… In its high efficiency will make sure everyone who is brought to follow the car, stop signal, in which the day is highlighted by a “retrained diodes dimensions”.


Indeed, when braking in the daytime at work, in addition to the former of the two brake lamps are included (see updated schematic diagram) overall ЕL1 and ЕL4 — through semiconductor diode VD2. The purpose of the diode VD1 to prevent passage of current from the brake light circuitry to the front marker lights.

At night (when “size”) lamp ЕL1 and ЕL4 glow as usual, working in the normal mode. Power to them comes from a chain of tail lights through the diode VD1, which is now open. But in another state lamp ЕL2 and ЕL3 stop signal. Electricity from the circuit the Parking light to them does not reach (due to a counter enabled diode VD2). Lamps are lit and ЕL2 ЕL3 here only with the receipt of the stop signal, that is, when braking the vehicle.


Modified light stop signal, except that a blind man would notice

Modified light stop signal, except that a blind man would notice


In conclusion, a few words about themselves VD1 and VD2. For all the importance of their role in the operation of the above lamps, the choice of semiconductor diodes for use in this circuit diagram are not critical. Perhaps, the only limitation is rectified current, on which these semiconductor devices should be designed, not less than 3 A. therefore, it is acceptable and common diodes like Д246—Д248Д.

V. TSAREV, G. s t o of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

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