SELECTAMARK Numerous family water bikes added another interesting machine designed by our reader — engineer G. Ovchinnikov from Dnepropetrovsk. Ovchinnikov — motorist. Therefore, the main task for himself, he put the establishment of such a water bike which can be transported to krasivom the trunk of the car.

Selectamark assembled from two hollow floats, having a length of 3000 mm at width 200 and height 250 mm each. The floats are connected to one another by a bridge from the dural corners 30X30 mm (crossbar) and 20X20 (longitudinal connection), riveted into one. On the bridge there is a driver’s seat 7, a foot pedal actuator 4, the chain transmission from the intermediate sprocket (node 3) and the propulsion — paddle wheel (unit 4) with six plicae (blades), closed on top metal casing. To control the rudders 13 under the left hand of the driver is set handle 6. The movement of the handle from the catamaran turns to the right, move “the” to the left. A large area of interconnected rudders make the boat is very maneuverable.
Floats are a framework of nine rectangular samotnych framework (they can be made either of wood or aluminum corner) and four longitudinal elements (stringers) located at the corners samotnych framework. Front and back floats over direct stepname. The frame is so simple in design that it can be assembled even without a pile, on a level floor or a large table. The casing (in that case, if the frame is metal) should be made of light alloy sheet material. It is installed on the studs with the gasket in the seam sealing tape (if no tape, you can apply household cotton tape with a grease gustotertoj an oil paint). First prikladyvaya the bottom, then sides. Then the float inside should be luted at the seams and paint. Last placed deck screws M5 flat-head (near the manholes where you can stick your hand inside, you should the deck to priklopiti).
Fig. 1. Selectamark
Fig. 1. Selectamark “Malek”:
1 — deck, 2 — side stringer, 3 — BIMS samotnou frame, 4 — sprocket with pedals, 5 — anchor chain, 6 — handle rudder, 7 — driver seat, 8 — strut of the seat back 9 — housing the paddle wheels 10 longitudinal tie rod, 11 — head helm, 12 — rod, 13 — the wheel.

After Stripping the finished floats carefully at the seams are puttied and painted in desired color. Before painting, the metal surface must be degreased and treated with fine emery paper.
In the case of manufacture of floats of wood samotnie frame is collected from pine sticks 35X15 mm scarves. Longitudinal stringers made of pine with cross-section 20X20 mm can be fastened to the frames with screws or strong nylon thread with epoxy glue. The latter method is very simple and totally weakens the structure, letting in addition to some weight savings.
Lining wooden frame made of three layers of plywood-plywood with a thickness of 2 — 3 mm, epoxy or casein glue. The direction of the layers “shirt” at the bottom and side longitudinal, in the deck — transverse. Plywood are pressed thin nails “bend” and screws 15X2,5 mm.
The finished float is carefully trimmed and glued by one layer of fiberglass epoxy resin. If these materials are not, you can use a plain cotton calico, gluing her nitrocream. Before gluing all the corners and edges of the body of the float should be slightly rounded by bastard a file to the fabric is no longer worn during operation.
Fig. 2. Details of chain drive
Fig. 2. Details of chain drive:
node 1 — mount pylon pedals to the bridge, site 2 — a section along the axis of the pedals, the node 3 is a section along the axis of the intermediate carriage, the node 4 is a section along the axis of the paddlewheel.
Cross body
The cross section of the housing A
1 — samotna frame float, 2 — cross connection (30×30 area), 3 — longitudinal connection (area 20×20), 4 — T-shaped side members.
Cross section body b—B:
1 — float, 2 — a casing of the paddlewheel, 3 — Plaza (blade) of the paddle wheels 4 — axis reel, 5 — sprocket driven.

As shown, selectamark “fry” are particularly useful for fishermen and hunters: it is very stable, easily passes through dense thickets of water plants, completely silent and unobtrusive in the water. With it you can make long casts, spinning, catching float rod, a jig and in circles. Transported “fry” on a standard, commercially available, krasivom the car trunk. On it, a wooden frame with padding of foam rubber or porous rubber, on which the bottoms of the floats falls bike. Mount “Fry” to the trunk is hooks with clasps gramophone type. This design allows you to effortlessly attach and detach it from the trunk together. In order for transportation was not created extra air resistance, the driver’s seat is made removable, and the control knob — folding.
During the construction of velocitymoney “fry” most metal parts can be made with your own hands or use some standard bike parts, which are sold in stores.
G. OVCHINNIKOV, engineer

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