SIMPLE, EASY, FISHNETThe trailer is made in the club “Tourism, and pedal cars”, which I ran for several years. Used in construction sites and technical solutions repeatedly tried and tested in our velomobiles. So the trailer turned out immediately — didn’t even have it, as they say, to bring — and completely met our expectations. To date built five of these trailers, and they all showed a high operational reliability.


Structurally velomobiley the trailer consists of a tubular frame with carrier damped drawbar, swivel connected to the tubular frame of the pendulum pendants, two Bicycle wheels and a very light lattice of the body.

The base trailer frame made of two side members — of the segments of the curved steel pipe from the backside of the old Croata with an external diameter of 28 mm and a wall thickness of 1.5 m. If someone are at hand pipe Bender and thin-walled tubes of sufficient length, it is better (and easier!) bend the base of the frame from one segment. Thick-walled water pipes and gas pipes should not be used: weight of the trailer will increase so that his towing need is, perhaps, not a recumbent bike.

Welded to the ends of the spars were misaligned, applied the technology of their dock. At a distance of approximately 15 mm from the edge of each end are drilled at the four diametrical openings with a diameter of 8 mm through 90° relative to each other (the precision with which this operation is not required). Then takes another piece of pipe with diameter 25 and length 50 mm from old bike frames and inserted into the abutting ends, leaving between them a gap of 1.5—2 mm. When welding, this gap is filled with metal that ensures high strength connection. But first of all-welded the drilled hole in the left spar and only one in the right. The system then checks whether the frame is flat. If everything is in order and do not need to bend, then welded the remaining three holes and finally the gap between the ends of the spars.


Cargo trailer to a recumbent

Cargo trailer to a recumbent:

1 hitch with vibration damper; 2 — frame; 3 body (on the top view shown schematically); 4 — wheel (2 PCs); 5 — wing (2 PCs, top view not shown); 6 — a spring hanger (2 PCs); 7 — pendulum suspension; 8 — the towing device on the recumbent

The frame trailer

The frame of the trailer:

1 — housing of the damper of the coupling device; 2 — shoulder carrier (pipe 20×2); 3 — console mounting wings (pipe 12×1, 4-piece); 4 — spar (tube 28×1,5); 5 — reference sites (steel, sheet s2); 6 — lugs suspension of the pendulum (steel, sheet s4, x4); 7 — cross member (tube 28×1,5, 2 PCs.)


Hitch with damper

Hitch with damper:

1 — carabiner (steel, sheet s5): 2 — rod (steel, rough 22×2); 3 — the emphasis of the bump; 4 — bump (microporous rubber); 5 — casing of the damper (steel, pipe 30×2); 6 — bushing (nylon); 7 — spring damper; 8 — thrust washer spring; 9 — a lock washer with the us; 10 — nut; 11 — the right shoulder of the carrier; 12 — latch (steel, sheet s1); 13 — a spring latch; 14 — the axis of the latch and springs (rivets d2x10)


After Stripping of welds and their irregularities to the surface of the pipe, the intersection of appearance and strength is no different from the solid pipe. This joining of higher-quality carbon dioxide: items less cringe, more clean out the seams, it is better to weld the walls of different thickness

On exactly the same technology is made and the pendulum suspension, and attached the tips.

Then welded to the frame crossmember from the same tubes as the spars, consoles for mounting of wings, a reference platform for the suspension springs (exactly the same sites are on the pendulum), and pipe carrier.

The damper coupling devices on the carrier smooths the jerks of the loaded trailer on rough roads. Its design is quite simple. The heart of this device is the pen of a worn front fork “Riga” moped (no matter single or two speed, their forks are almost identical).

Plugs embossed two nylon bushings. From the pipe, in which there were these bushes, a sawed-off length of 100 mm (for the body of the damper) and it welded two steel washers with a diameter of 46 mm (rests for the springs and bump of microporous rubber) and pipe carrier.

From napadovska stock piece cut a length of 225 mm. on one side it is welded to the carabiner hitch and the emphasis of the bump, and the other side is threaded M22x1, so you can adjust the spring stiffness of the damper. (The spring is selected from the kit for engine valves “Lada”.)

The whole adjustment of the damper have been reduced to achieve the free movement of the rod in nylon bushings. This had to make it scan at 22 mm and remove burrs.

Blank carabiner clip cut from sheet steel and the tip of its hook is bent down (this is clearly seen in the picture of the assembled rifle) just enough to pressed up latch freely passed into the hook back and loop the tow fit of the recumbent.


Macnc pendants

Macnc suspension:

1 — tip (steel 45, 2); 2 — beam of the pendulum (tube 28х 1,5); 3 — supporting base (steel, sheet B2, 2); 4 — console (steel, sheet s4. 2); 5 — holder rubber (tube 38×3, 2 PCs.)

Left attachment point of the pendulum pendants

The left attachment point of the pendulum pendants:

1 — the frame of the trailer; 2 — ears of suspension of the pendulum; 3 — beam pendulum; 4 — console; 5 — M10 bolt; 6 — the rubber (VAZ-2108); 7 — yoke rubber



Easy-site wheel:

1—bushing; 2—shaft (or 45 steel 40X, HRC 35…40); 3—tip of the pendulum suspension; 4 — cone nut; 5 — a lock nut M12x1; 6— pendulum suspension; 7 — spacer sleeve; 8 — bearing 60202 (2); 9 — screw M10x1


Cargo body type trailer

Truck body trailer


I must say that in the movement of loaded trailer (we have he often had to carry at one time more than 100 kg) creates a fair extra load on the frame of the towing (and it was and pedal cars, and bicycles, and mopeds). Therefore, we use the same towing device. It is welded from pipes with a diameter of 12 mm from the frame of an old Bicycle attached to the velomobile at the top of the suit its frame, to clamp the seat tube and the feathers of the frame at the rear wheel.

This joint just in design and works flawlessly. And that movement was not accompanied by a knock at the carbine, he before the trip wrapped with a rubber band width of about 10 mm, which chooses the gaps, but leaves freedom, so to speak, to maneuver. One end of it is fixed on the towing fixture and the other after the taping is fixed on the coupling device. Three or four turns of the tape eight is enough. And after a bit of exercise to connect the trailer to the velomobile thus manage over 30-40 seconds.

The finished frame along with a damper was painted composition that dries at room temperature, so the nylon bushing installed to their workplace immediately. If the paint will dry in a furnace, then installing the sleeves should wait — kapron afraid of high temperature. We have had so. that cooled after stoving sleeve simply spilling out.

Easily removable wheel assemblies with the cantilevered mount is actually designed us for velomobiles, but they fit perfectly to the trailer. As blanks for the hubs of the wheels were the bushing type, “torpedo” from a road bike. Before processing each billet was annealed by heating in a furnace to a cherry color (you can also hold it for one hour in the flame of a gas burner). Turning minimal and boiled down to the groove at the ends of the workpiece landing slots for bearing 60202. The mass of the part is significantly reduced by turning it to those dimensions that are marked on the figure.

The configuration of the axes for this sleeve is simple and the manufacture is not difficult; Turner average skill.

The mounting of the removable node is. First, the bearing with plenty of grease mark “joint”, is pressed into the housing until it stops, where it is fixed by the punching of the edges of the mounts in three places. Insert spacer and press second bearing. The length of the spacer is selected such that the outer ring of the second bearing is rested on the bottom of its landing nest, that is to fit the bearing was like floating. This gives the trailer a very easy move.

After proper Assembly so the bushing does not require any additional adjustment or maintenance during operation. A sign of a well adjusted wheel next: after a gentle push it should make about 120-140 revolutions and then stop.

Conical mount axis removable node in the tips of the pendulum is very reliable. Even screwed in by hand the flare nut choose all the gaps in the connection and is not unscrewed to any, even the most bumpy road. And to remove wheel for repairs or home storage requires the minimum of effort and time.

The design of the trailer it is possible to use 16-inch wheels, folding bikes. However, we are the rim, spokes and tires of the Bicycle “the Schoolboy” — them trailer rolls much easier, and the strength provided. However, to insert the spokes in the hub, where they have 36 holes and in the rim in which the holes 28 had “sweat”. But with the spokes from the front wheel “the Student”, using cover them in two crosses and conceding four holes symmetrically on each side of the bushing, the problem has been successfully addressed.

And finally, the truck body. It is made by a method of spot welding a set of items from stainless steel wire with a diameter of 2 mm. To the frame of the trailer body is secured by four clamps on the bolts.

Since the recumbent and the trailer is small in size and delicate, recumbent raised a red flag on a wire mast for greater visibility on the road. Serve the same purpose and reflective reflectors that are screwed to the rear of the trailer.


Technical data of the trailer

Length, mm 1470
Width, mm 750
Height, mm 700
Track mm 680
The course CenterStage
the device, mm 40
Suspension travel, mm 30
Weight, kg 11
Load capacity kg 70
Body volume, m3 0,19

A. KARPUK, G. T a m b o V

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