THE SLEIGH, THE SLEIGH RIDE FOR YOURSELFCertainly in every family one goes bad or becomes unnecessary tricycle. And then sell it or just throw it away. Meanwhile you can give him a new profession and it will serve your children even: out worn the tricycle will make a great scooter. At the time I made this for my three year old son. Instead of wheels on the rear axle put on rock skis. And the front fork set on rocking the same — the steering ski.

I bought the smallest ski. Sawed off the back, painted with a colourless varnish. Rocking strengthened in the middle of the skis (so that it was balanced) rivets nails Ø 3-4 mm and they are inserted from below into the ski; their heads due to countersink the soles of the skis are flush with it (on each rocking chair — 6 rivets).
On the front fork should make two holes for bolts M10: the lower bolt is rocking, and the upper, elongated, serves as both a footrest.
Shop “Skilful hands” bought the tube with inner Ø 10 mm and made of a sleeve with a length of 30 mm. Of strip steel with a thickness of 1.5—2 mm cut blanks for pumping units — 3 PCs.
1 — ski (modified from the standard for children), 2 — frame tricycle, 3 — step (stud M10), 4 rocking chair 5 — axis rocking (bolt with thread M10 length 60 mm).
Sleeve welded by welding to the gym, and on the axle is mounted ahead of the bolt with the nut; rear axle lock washers or cotter pin (need to pre-drill the cotter pin under the hole in the axle). Of course, the size can be different. It all depends on the bike model.
Some might say that the scooter is easier to buy. But the one that is on sale is great in size, very heavy and not cheap. Moreover, the width of the rails-ski store is this that provides a good glide. All these drawbacks are absent from my snow. It turned out easy (less than 3 kg) and robust, well managed and easily glides from the mountains.

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