SNOWMOBILE Already 50 years old I am also an Amateur design. In his teenage years did the model. Total built 22 designs and they are all working again on a car trip for 12 years, and tillers “plowed” 25. Other products exploited a year or two, then made them something else.

The snowmobile created from the acquired emergency scooter (power unit with a capacity of 8 HP, with a CVT).
The frame is welded from corner 25×25 mm. made of plywood with thickness of 4 mm. Ski box-type, inside is a spring sheet from the “Moskvich”. Track rollers are made of segments of polyethylene pipes with a width of 30 mm, they are filled with epoxy resin mixed with sawdust. All rollers 16 – 4 rows of 4 pieces. They rotate on the axis of the tubular with a diameter of 20 mm made of stainless steel. Bearings no, “lubricated” snow – speed-small. The caterpillar is made of two chains (step 38 mm) at the edges, connected by corners of 20×20 mm welding, and between the chains to the corners of the attached conveyor belt of thickness 6 mm. the Drive caterpillar chain.
Snowmobile called “Sakmara” (the river flowing through our city), I ride it to the store, fishing.
G. RYZHKOV, g. Kuvandyk, the Orenburg region

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