IN THE SUMMER OF THE MOTORCYCLE IN THE WINTER - SNOWMOBILEIN THE SUMMER OF THE MOTORCYCLE IN THE WINTER - SNOWMOBILEMore widely used today snowmobile technology. Industry and Amateur craftsmen create a wide variety of vehicles specially designed for use in the winter. For now the spring comes, and the powerful “Buran” is sent to the Parking lot to the garage to wait for the next season, and its owner is transplanted to the other “horse”, most often the motorcycle. But would it be useful to have two almost identical vehicles differing only in chassis? Can we make a universal motorcycle-snowmobile? This task is successfully solved by our readers from the city of Votkinsk Udmurt ASSR A. Drummers.

Long have decided to get a snowmobile, but from buying industrial “Buran” decided to abstain. And not just because this machine is not cheap and is intended only for winter use, in summer only, takes place in the garage. Sometimes, going in early spring fishing, and the road to nebelenogo reservoir has already been cleared of snow, and Buran will not take place. But, unfortunately, old friend, the motorcycle — will not help: on the sidelines of the snow is deep and loose. That’s why I opted to design universal snowmobile made on the basis of the IZH motorcycle with a sidecar.

The message is clear from the figure. Model the rear wheel of a caterpillar and the other wheels put wide metal skis, and your motorcycle without any alterations turns into a great snowmobile, easily overcoming the lifting and drifts, and on the flat areas reach speeds up to 40 km/h And refit it into a winter version and back takes no more than 15 minutes, and tracked ski kit compact enough to take with you.
Skis for the front wheel of a motorcycle and the wheels the stroller is simple-They are based on dural sheet with riveted longitudinal corners. They attach to the ski longitudinal stiffness; to them are attached two steel plates between which is fixed a wheel with only two bolts. To reduce friction on snow of ski soles I recommend to make stainless steel, brass or polyethylene. And to improve the controllability of the ski, the front wheel should have undercut — steel vertical rib on the lower plane.
R and S. 1. G usenice-liiy kit for motorcycle with a sidecar.
R and S. 1. G usenice-liiy kit for motorcycle with a sidecar.

R and p. 2. General view of the caterpillar tracks.
R and S. 2. General view of the caterpillar tracks.

More difficult to manufacture caterpillar mover installed in place of removed rear wheel of a motorcycle.
Its frame is welded from steel pipes ø 30 and ø 20 mm and four steel plates with a thickness of 8 mm. Longitudinal grooves in the plates are designed to connect the front and rear supporting shafts of the drums of the track and adjust its tension. To a vertical tubular arc welded steel sleeve. Through the hole when installed on the bike is the axle removed rear wheel. Eyelet in the front part of this arc serves to attach a special node, in which the entire frame is fixed on the rear fork of the motorcycle. And two lugs welded to the longitudinal pipes for connecting the axis of the rocker. In addition, at the ends of these pipes have lugs for threaded tensioner caterpillar.
Shafts front and rear support wheels caterpillar machined from steel rod d 25 mm. At the ends of each of the neck machined bearing No. 204, and in the middle part of the welded on sprocket (Z=17) of the chain transmission and the flanges of the supporting drums. So how the leading is just the front shaft, the rear sprocket is not used, but the shafts work completely interchangeable, which is useful in case of failure of stars.
Bearing these shafts machined from steel billets. In addition to the bearing housings made of axial holes for fastening to the plates of the frame and the radial hole (at the place) — under the long pin, used as a stock tensioner caterpillar.
R and p. 3. A device of caterpillar tracks:
R and S. 3. A device of caterpillar tracks:
1 — fixing unit of the engine of the motorcycle, 2 — sprocket (Z=42) with hub, 3 — frame, 4 — caterpillar 5 — drive the driven shaft, 6 — track roller, 7 — sprocket shaft, 8 — saw, 9 — stock tensioner, 10 — emphasis tensioner, 11 — shaft 12 — sprocket drive gear (Z=17), 13 — bearing reel, 14 — bearing cap, 15 — bearing No. 204, 16 — bearing housing.

Cap housings have a groove for mounting the seal and attached to the housing with M5 bolts.
Reference drums tracks machined from aluminum billet and are assembled from the two halves of the six bolts MB. When the team between them are cut from thick rubber sheet leading asterisks on the front shaft, and cylindrical rollers at the rear. The teeth of the leading sprocket transmit force caterpillar catching over the lugs through the gap between the belts of the caterpillar. And the drums roll along the inner side of the tracks. Semi-circular grooves on their outer surface are made to the screw heads, which lugs are attached to the tape, do not interfere.
The caterpillar consists of four lanes with a width of 56 mm, cut from a conveyor belt and bonded together by a common grouser steel U-shaped profiles, bent from strips with a thickness of 2 mm.
The front shaft caterpillar is Arsenie a chain drive from the sprocket (Z = 42) installed in place of the wheels. Actually, the asterisk is borrowed from the motorcycle IZH-10. It is attached by six bolts M6 to dobrostany, as shown in the drawing, the wheel hub. This part is mounted on the rear fork similar to rear wheel with the addition of a simple spacer.
The intermediate supports of caterpillar tracks are rockers mounted on a common axis four duplechin lever attached to the ends of the axes of the rollers.
Not finding suitable in size and strength of the wheels to the balancer, made them myself. By using simple stamp squeezed out of round steel plates halves rims, machined bronze hub — bearings and a mold for tire rollers. Combining Paldiski six bolts got a durable wheel, easy repair in case of wear.

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