BIKE IN A SUITCASEFolding bike nowadays. However, its dimensions even when folded, not too small, and to keep it at home and even more to transport on the bus or tram is not always convenient. I set a goal to develop a convenient folding bike smallest possible folded size. I wanted it to be easily transformed into a suitcase size with the usual “diplomat”. I have to say, this was not achieved, but to construct a two-wheeled machine, which, after transformation to fit in a suitcase or bag with the size 650x450x150 mm, I still did.

The product has a wheel-quilted from a child’s Bicycle (or scooter) with the tyre marking 250×56. If you have other wheels, have to make changes in the design of a folding Bicycle.
The frame of the bike – spinal type, it is bent from tubes with external diameter of 40 mm and a wall thickness of 2 – 2,5 mm. the Front frame is hinged a connecting node, comprising two shaped three-millimeter steel plates. To the frame plates are attached by welding. The holes for the hinge and the bolt retainer are drilled in the plates and is cut after welding. On the opposite side of the cap tube is welded to a bearing unit of the drive sprocket – the body of the carriage. Do it yourself do not necessarily fit the carriage from almost any bike. About cradle to cradle is welded to a fixing device by which the rear fork is securely joined with the frame. Notice that this node is best mounted in place during Assembly of the Bicycle. This will allow you to achieve what mate – and the one on the frame, and the one on the rear fork, clearly coincide when folding the bike. How it’s done, I’ll tell you later when we will talk about the Assembly of the two-wheeled bus.
Front fork resembles a flattened 180° plug moped. It consists of stationary and rotary parts. The rotary part is welded from Cycling the steering column (cut off from the frame of the old bike) and two feathers, each of which is welded two pipes telescoped into the other. The external diameter of larger pipe – 30 mm, wall thickness 2 mm, internal diameter about 20 mm, wall thickness 2 – 2,5 mm. the ends of the feathers flattened and serverlists holes in accordance with the diameter of the wheel axle of the Bicycle. The steering column is welded with feathers by means of two bridges -plates from a sheet thickness of about 3 mm is drilled into them holes under the column and feathers.
The fixed part of the front fork is steel pipe, outer diameter which is the same as that welded to the rotary part of the Bicycle fork steering column. A last is inserted and fixed by welding another tube of such diameter that it nasazhivalas bearings Cycling the steering column. On a fixed part of the front fork is fixed, and the unit rotation, on which is formed the front part of the bike, and the “ear” bolt-clip holding the front fork in position.
Teenage folding bike in a suitcase
Teenage folding bike in a suitcase
On the top bridge of the front fork are secured two collars, which secure the half-arches the helm – they can bend their own sheet steel or shop that sells spare parts for mopeds and motorcycles.
Rear fork is welded from two feathers – cuts steel pipes with a diameter of 20 – 22 mm with a wall thickness of about 2.5 mm. In the rear part thereof are welded two notched steel plates 3 mm thick with longitudinal groove – they fixed the back wheel of the bike. The front is welded on the two steel rings together with the carriage performs the function of a hinge. Right and left feathers are joined into a single welded node using two tubular cross-members. Notice that the swivel fork and rear frame – all-in-one. It is better to perform so. To start, prepare the right and left feathers of fork – that is, the pipes are welded to the ring joint and the notched plate. Further, the feathers are mounted on the carriage and is temporarily connected with a piece of wood and ties of steel wire. Carefully check the operation of the hinge – frame and the rear fork should easily rotate relative to each other and not have a big backlash. Next to the feathers fitted to the crossmember and primatyvajutsja two or three welding points. Removing the wire tie and removing a wooden block, make sure the hinge and finally weld the joints node.
The handlebar consists of two poludov, fasten the two clamps on the top bridge of the front fork. For steering wheel suitable thin-walled steel pipe with a diameter of 22×1,5 mm. to Bend their should be pre-stuffed with sand and heating with a blowtorch or in a forge.
The ordinary saddle, bike. Seat tubes compared to conventional, extended. Its length is about 400 mm. Fixed it split the pipe, which is welded to two “ear” with a hole diameter of 8 mm. it is a kind of collet, which is tightened with the bolt M8 with wing nut.
Assembly. First attach to the frame and the rear fork fixing device. It consists of two mates connected when folding Bicycle in the operating position with two bolts and wing nuts. The first consists of two welded in the form of the letter T steel plate thickness of 6 mm. Second – cut steel channel steel U-shaped profile with a wall thickness of also approximately 6 mm.
Teenage folding Bicycle in the operating position
Teenage folding Bicycle in operating position:
1 – clamps poludov vehicles; 2 – fixing node, 3 – node, rotate the front fork when folded; 4 – rudder; 5 – frame; 6 – wing nuts of bolts of the Central locking unit; 7 – saddle; 8 – seat pipe; 9 – the rear wheel; 10 – a back plug; 11 – swivel rear plugs; 12 – pedals (on any bike); 13 front fork; 14 – front wheel

Dimensions “a” and “b” are selected in accordance with the sizes of used wheels size “in” is used in the construction of the carriage
The locking device fixed on the Bicycle, as already mentioned, “where is”. To do this, after making its mating parts are bolted together and fitted to the frame and rear fork set in shown in the drawing position. After this fixing device prihvatyvaya to the frame and the rear fork, checked his performance, and it is finally welded.
For storage or transport folding bike will need a suitcase with the dimensions, as already mentioned, 650x450x150 mm. If you pick up it will fail a bag of this size you can sew your own – faux-leather or canvas. To keep in shape, the perimeter (side view) shall be attached to the steel wire with a diameter of 5 mm, and the top part (under the handle) is a plywood plate.
Folding bike is made as follows. First turns with the wing nut bolt retainer, fixing the front fork in position. Also disconnected half-arches of the steering wheel and removed the saddle. Further, the front fork is rotated clockwise until it stops. Then turn the wing nuts of the Central retaining device and rotated clockwise until it stops rear fork. The saddle is detached from the seat tube. Pedals are turned out and are screwed from the inner side of the levers. All parts and assemblies of bike freely placed in the same suitcase. The Assembly and disassembly of the bike takes no more than ten minutes.
Z. SLAVEC, engineer

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