GOODS DELIVERED Ten years ago I accidentally fell into the hands of the magazine “Modemist constructor” — and from that time on, I his sincere admirer and a regular subscriber. I can say that it is the only publication that I fully retain, often address to it and a lot of published use for yourself.

With the help of “M-K” I could do many useful things. I want to introduce to the readers of its independent development. This is a tipping truck body for the side of the trailer type motorcycle “IZH-Jupiter”. Truck-based bike turned out very successful — it was shown on the regional review of projects in 1988 and was awarded the incentive prize. High score was converted so the bike and the competition of consumer goods, which conducted the regional Council of cooperators. Guess my truck will be of interest to many owners of motorcycles — as rural residents, and residents with garden plots.
Malogruzovaja on the basis of the motorcycle “IZH-Jupiter-ZK” faithfully served me for many years and is indispensable in all cases when it is necessary to bring the land to deliver the bricks, sand, fertilizer or building materials — for the transport of work in the village do not count. I must say that this truck is preferable to a motorcycle with a trailer like published in the “M-K” № 10, 1989, he manevrenen safer, it does not need any additional wheels, lighting and absorbers — only the body. Finally, it is not necessary to register and he doesn’t need a license plate!
Truck tipping body consists of the body, the base and the locking mechanism. To install it on the bike, from the frame side of the trailer removed regular passenger car body is on the regular rubber pads with threaded bolts M12 fixed base mounted with a lever-clamp. On this basis, and secured with hinged tipping body.
The underbody is cut in the shape of two-millimeter steel sheet. The sides of the steel sheet 1.8 mm thick welded to the bottom of a discontinuous seam. The upper edge of the sidewalls and front and rear edges of the bottom are flanging they are bent outward on the mandrel with a diameter of 10…12 mm For fastening of an awning and the installation of tie rods along the upper edges of the sidewalls of the drilled holes with a diameter of 10 mm by 150 mm. threaded rod couplers are made of steel desyatimillimetrovogo bars; on the sides they are secured by two nuts on each side.
Front and rear body side — sheet steel 2 mm thick. both have a vertical flanging, allowing you to push them (top to bottom) for the flanging of the body sidewalls, as shown in the drawings. Finally connect the side with the sidewalls with bolts and M6 nuts.
With the base, welded corners and steel strips, the body is connected with a hinge of two bushings, cut from half-inch steel pipe and welded to the rear of the base and is fixed by welding on the underbody. The axis of the hinge are two cut steel rod 0 12 mm, which are fixed in the sleeves by cotter pins.
R and S. 1. The base cargo for a motorcycle IZH-Yu-ZK
R and S. 1. The base cargo for a motorcycle IZH-th-LC:
1 – sleeve (pipe 1/2″). 2 – spar (area of steel section SX 25X 25 mm) 3 cross member (steel strip section 5X 25 mm), 4 rear cross member (steel area of cross section SX X25X25 mm) 5-Bush (pipe 1/2″), 6 — docking site (steel strip section 6X 50 mm).

Fig. 2. Truck body for motorcycle IZH-Yu-ZK
Fig. 2. Truck body for motorcycle IZH-th-LC:
1 — front Board of the body. 2 — pins for fixing of the body on the base, 3 — Board back, 4 sides, 5 — coupling stud M10 with nuts, 6 — joint. 7 — the base of the hinge, 8 — base plate.

R and p. 3. The locking device of the body
R and S. 3. The locking device body:
1 — hook (steel rod, diameter 12 mm), 2 — snarling (steel rod, diameter 14 mm) 3 — arm (steel pipe 1/2″).

R and p. 4. Scheme of the Assembly of cargo
R and S. 4. Scheme of the Assembly of cargo:
1 — body, 2 locking device 3 to the base body.

Distance from the rear side of the body to the axis of the hinge is selected according to the height of the empty body to the roadway — usually it is 300… 350 mm. In front of the base are welded two sleeves with a length of 55 mm, cut from half-inch pipe — they are used to connect the base with the lever-clamp. To avoid mistakes, it’s just the final Assembly of the body to produce, securing pre-base on the frame side of the trailer bike and setting on the base body. After installation and welding of parts of a locking base is removed from the side frames of the trailer, and rubber cushions between the frame and the base body are fixed wooden blocks with dimensions of 50X 50X 250 mm.
For fixing the body in the transport position in front, in the lower part of the sidewalls welded to the two l-shaped pin and in the upper part of the right sidewall one for fixing the body in the raised position when unloading bulk goods. The body should be tilted relative to the horizontal in the ‘ 60s. The pins have holes for cotter pins. The exact position of the pins and of hooks is determined by the place. Note to avoid rattling of the body in motion, fixing it should be “vnatyag”.
To overturn a fully loaded body, requires a force of about 40 lbs. When transporting long loads (pipes, logs, etc.) front and rear side removable. Similarly, removable tailgate when unloading bulk goods.
Boris ROZHKOV, Tselinograd, Kazakhstan

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