TRACTOR.Still, as they say, don’t have time to dry the printing ink in the magazine (see “M-K” № 2, 2009) report from Pereslavskogo district of the Yaroslavl region, as a new message — about the craftsmen from the village of Andrianov, nestled on the banks of the river Nerl. At this time, art project, created by the efforts of Evgeny Polukhin, Boris and Alexander Selakovich, is distinguished by its power and more like a wheeled tractor, manufactured at an engineering plant. About scratch from Andrianova says our special correspondent Nikolay Vasilyev.


By and large, the tractor is assembled from ready-made, tailored to fit your needs units. The only improvised explosive device — mounted unit with hydraulic drive.
The basis of the tractor is a gear. Frame for him borrowed from a written off car GAZ-53, pre-zausel the front part under the potato rows (gauge — 1.4 m). From the same machine used a rear axle, however, the self-locking gear from the vehicle GAZ-66, but the wheels took away from the tractor MTZ-82 “Belarus”.
The front axle is adjusted from the combine “Niva” — they can still be found on the Russian fields, and wheel him from the car UAZ-469.
The tractor put on the course in 2004 with the engine from the “Penny” — the car VAZ-2101. But as time goes on, improving and tractor. When “handy” two-litre diesel engine from the car “Mercedes 123”, it immediately together with the gearbox mounted on a tractor, which has increased dramatically. By the way, on the road tractor speeds over 60 km/h.
The controls of the tractor. Left-side view
The controls of the tractor. Left view

The vacuum brake booster wheel
The vacuum brake booster wheel
The hitch mechanism of the tractor
The hitch mechanism of tractor
Power plant. Left-side view
Powerplant. Left view
Nikita Countrymen with his first tractor
Nikita Countrymen with his first tractor
Five years working homemade at the farm and, in the words of one of its founders Evgeny Polukhin, limit to the improvement of the machine is not seen.
But the biggest pride of the family of craftsmen from Andrianova can be considered the tractor, and eleven-year-old Nikita Zemlyakova.
Fourth grader, looking at older relatives, he became addicted to designing, creating your first, still a toy tractor.

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