THREE WHEEL FOR TWOYou will hardly find at least one kid who will refuse to ride on a motorcycle. Here guys we have on ascension syut constructed “Cheburashka”. Guys micromatics this very much: it is small, slow (speed up to 25 km/h); side stroller allows you to roll those taken behind the wheel yet.

One of the main objectives in the design of the “Cheburashka” was the rational of mutual articulation of finished units of bicycles: we wanted to do it without turning to the limit to reduce welding. As a result cost part of an old Bicycle frame and some of the nodes from the children’s bike “Bunny”, in particular the steering column and front fork. Here we seem “overdone” to simplify on the wheel from a kids bike was quite difficult to set arm gas and clutch. That’s why the clutch had to make new caliper mounts and to strengthen the Gaza strip, insert the spacer (split pipe).
For microvesicle came wheels from children’s bikes, and the front without alteration, and the rear reinforced rim welded to the metal disk. The hub of the rear wheel made of cut steel pipe of suitable diameter; the inner part is pressed two bearings. To the hub is strictly in the plane of the drive sprocket of the engine sprocket welded standard from “adult” bike. For mounting the fuel tank from a moped “Verhovina” we were forced to once again use welding: to weld the new mounting brackets. Brake microvesicle drum type similar to the brake of the scooter. Drive it from the brake pedal with a hard thrust. On the axis of the brake lever is the return spring.
Fig. 1. Micromatic Cheburashka
Fig. 1. Micromatic Cheburashka:
1 — steering column 2 — damper, 3 — axis brake lever 4 brake lever 5 — license plate 6 — rear light 7 — chain transmission
Fig. 2. Hub rear wheel
Fig. 2. Hub rear wheel:
1 — spacer, 2 — disc wheels, 3 — sprocket driven, 4 — pinch bolt, 5 — axis wheels.

For lighting, use an ordinary Bicycle headlight located in its body three batteries D-0,25, diode Д7Ж (for recharging batteries) and the light switch.
Side stroller — made of steel tubes with outer diameter 10 and 20 mm. Wheel on it set the same as on a motorcycle. Mounting the sidecar to the frame “Cheburashka” in three locations: near the right footboard, the pinch bolt under the seat and on the fork of the rear wheel.
The design turned out quite robust, it was confirmed more than two years ‘ operation of “Cheburashka”. Miniature motorcycle has proved to be an invaluable tool for guys wanting to learn how to drive: still, all the manipulation of the driver you can “spy” on the go, sitting nearby in a wheelchair.
V. OVANESYAN, head of the society of motorists, g Voznesensk, Mykolaiv region.

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