No matter what, the army of auto – and motor-fans continues to grow; it now joins a band of enthusiasts velomobiles transport. Much worse is the case with garages. However, they had remained a cherished dream of motorists and unattainable utopia of all others. Meanwhile, for the motor-fans and homebrew that creates micro cars, motorcycles and pedal cars, this problem is solvable. In particular, I managed to create a version of the garage… wheels, which can accommodate motorcycle, motor scooter or as me, a recumbent.


This mobile garage easy to install on the area around the house and on any available piece of land in the yard or even paid Parking. It can be useful to the gardener-the fan as a dwelling-patch. Well, if you decided to change the apartment, a garage with you will move to a new place.
The main design requirements are reliability, durability, beautiful design. Mass mobile garage, paradoxically, should be the maximum possible in order to prevent it from moving or turning by attackers. You can even load it with ballast bricks, stones, etc.
The dimensions of such a box should not exceed the dimensions of a large car or house on wheels. Suspension mobile garage is not margin of safety — it is able to provide only the movement of the empty garage from one place to another on the lowest speed. In the Parking lot, the whole lot of Boxing is perceived by four uprights, the lower part which can be concreted into the ground and serve as anchors. If the attackers still try to steal a garage with your vehicle, then suspension it will not sustain the load and will quickly collapse.
The requirements of GAI on a self-made trailers to mobile Boxing, in principle, are not, as the garage is not designed for towing his car on the roads. Marker lamps or reflectors-reflectors are required only in the case if the garage is in a dark place with heavy traffic of vehicles.
For the manufacture of the box, you can use any junk materials, wrapping of furniture rail, cut hardboard and plywood, slate, ruberoid, sheet, etc. the Proposed garage was designed around the individual characteristics of my Motovilova “trampy” and can only serve as a “box” for storage and spare parts. Overall dimensions dictated by the size of the piece of land near the house.
Manufacturer of garage advised to start with the base — box of spare parts. This is a typical wood structure of the boards. The floor can be made of slabs, scraps of boards, container boards and lined with hardboard. Bottom drawer fixed axis wheels of steel bars with a diameter of 10 mm. Mounting bushings with welded straps. The design is Dictated by the conditions of production (I have no welding machine). The upper part of the garage is assembled of four panels, assembled from strips of 20X40 mm cross section and tin-plated. At the bottom of the shields necessary to provide vents or openings. Boards are upholstered inside plastic, tinplate or hardboard. Best of all, of course, use non-combustible or poorly burning materials (of the terms of fire safety).,
Mobile garage-box (overall scheme)
Mobile garage-box (overall diagram):
1 — vent, 2 — column, 3 — wheel (off the bike “Baby”), 4 — anchor strut, 5 — canopy exterior lighting, 6 — mortise lock, 7 — door handle; 8 — block alarm light, 9 — door hinge, 10 — body Boxing.

Design garage Boxing
The design of the garage-box:
I — glass front window (plexiglass thickness 6…8 mm), 2 — end wall (sheet thickness of 0.5 mm), 3 — panels (boards 20X 70 mm), 4 — gusset (plywood), 5 — structural element of the frame sidewall 6 side wall (tin), 7 — hatch, 8 — roof frame, 9 — solitaire (tin), 10 — roof (tin), II — manhole cover 12 is a ventilation tower (aluminum pan with a diameter of 300 mm), 13 — end of roof (tin), 14 — sidewall roof (tin), 15 — the door frame is 16 — door ramp, 17 — shelves, 18 — connecting parts (steel, 4X50X50 mm), 19 — Polycom box (boards section 20X X 70 mm), 20 — side a 21 — window (organic glass), 22 — rear brace, 23 wheel, 24 — clip 25 — front strut, 26 fasteners (nails 0 SX X50 mm), and 27 axle with brackets, thrust bearing 28, 29 of the anchor Desk, 30 bolts М12Х80 mm, 31 — frame base.

The glass box is made of organic glass thickness of 6-8 mm, machined on the inner side with fine emery paper to obtain a Matt surface to make it opaque. Mount glass — screws; a groove under it smeared with paint. The roof is collected from pine slats with a cross-section 20X 40 mm and is sheathed with tin. The turret provides for better ventilation; it should provide a quick change of the air in the garage to better protect the vehicle from corrosion. The back wall of the garage has a door on horizontal hinges. In the open position the door is a ramp, on which the box is easily rolled your vehicle. Above the door is a lamp. For connecting various tools to the power source (drill, spray gun, cleaner, etc.) on the back of the mounted garage outlet. There is a switch marker lights. Portable electrical equipment is closed by a lid with constipation.
Chassis consists of axles 0 10, length 1200 mm, four spacers with pads and straps for attaching axes to the base of the box and four wheels from velosipeda “Scarce”.
Towing fixtures, handles, and anything else that may facilitate the theft, the design does not provide. The drawbar is attached to the base of the box only when carried.
D. EGOROV, Kolomna, Moscow about p.

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