THE TRUCK WITH MANIPULATORThis universal machine with a capacity of 2.5 t built Ustinovich V. S. Stern Rostov region the engine of the machine from the tractor T-40: diesel, 4-cylinder, air-cooled output of 50 HP Frame from the mobile pumping stations, bridges and rear wheels from GAZ-51, the front wheels from mnogolemeshny plow, transmission from GAZ-53. Dump body and a manipulator with a lifting capacity of 1,5 t — homemade.

Under the body are two generators driven from the power takeoff through the drive shaft and belt transmission. One of the generators constant current (130 A/25 V/5000 rpm) and welding. The generators — 3-phase (220 V/50 Hz/1500 rpm) is used to power the motors of the crusher, conveyers. Machine dimensions: 4900x1900x2000 (manipulator — 2500) mm.

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