THE FARM WILL FITThe list of Moto – and electrophotonics that use rural residents, is growing steadily. Along with tractors, tillers, mills, kartoffelschalen, mower they have different fixtures, which they say: IU-lotovka, but the farm will fit. About such seemingly small, but undoubtedly useful devices in our factsheet.

LIQUID Express-fertilizers from the infusion weeds are highly efficient. Being introduced into the soil such microdamage not only increase the yield, but also deters many pests. In addition, the Express fertilizer is simply necessary for foliar feeding of plants. After all, as the researchers found, the leaves absorb nutrients though and is worse than roots, but more selectively. Infusion of the weeds, they learn only those elements which the plant is currently sorely lacking.
To facilitate the preparation of liquid fertilizers, I recommend to make a device of the type sokovarki. His body may be the capacity installed on the bricks. Outside the enclosure must have a drain valve, and inside, just above the mid — removable grid, which in the operating state is held on the wire holders.
Back on the mesh powdered mixture of herbs, 1/3 of which should be nettles, dandelions and other weeds, fill the unit with “soft” water (2/3 capacity) and insist, stirring the contents several times a day.
Three days later, the infusion can be used for spraying the soil and plants.
And when the supply of liquid is exhausted, the net lift for the mounts, clean off the “muddy” herbal residue and dump it in the compost. Then the net return to the workplace, lay a new batch of weeds, pour water and insist again.
A weather vane in the role of watchman
A weather vane in the role of a watchman:
1 — propeller (tin tin); 2 — housing; 3 — axis turning; 4 — bushing-bearing; 5 — pole.

Not sokovarka, and the fertilizer factory
Not sokovarka and fertilizer factory:
1 — stand brick; 2 housing (metal barrel); 3 — mesh removable holders-clamps; 4 — cover; 5 — raw material (chopped grass); 6 — water; 7 — tap drain.

Portable greenhouse
Portable greenhouse:
1 — carrying box; 2 — roof (glass window).

Pravilka for growth
Pravilka “on vyrost”:
1 — strip dimension; 2 — axis (bolt with nut and washers); 3 — strap pravilki basic; 4 — a cylindrical spring; 5 — a latch with holes and clip “lamb”.

The VANE-PROPELLER device is simple. However, reliably protects the seedlings and the harvest from birds and rodents, what the author made sure when I installed it on his summer cottage. The birds scattered immediately. Rats, mice and moles retreated later, but much harm also did not.
From the slightest blow of the wind vane is unfolding, and the propeller begins with a high speed spinning and buzzing. The vibrations from it are transferred to the pole and then to ground. Rodents catch them, get scared and leave “inhospitable” land.
The weathervane is made of dry plates for protection from atmospheric precipitations covered by three layers of bright oil paint, scaring the birds. The propeller is made from tin cans. The blades are deployed to 12°.
At the center of gravity of the system “vane — propeller” drilled through hole where you inserted the cut brass tube (bearing). Axle bearing — greased the nail driven into a tapered three-meter pole so that the vane, justifying its name, could be freely turned. The butt end of pole buried and the soil compacted around (for a better distribution of oscillating under the action of the wind).
A PORTABLE GREENHOUSE is truly indispensable in the cultivation of seedlings, protection of seedlings and young plants from the “surprises” the weather and other adverse effects, the development of works in the garden or in the garden. And her design is so simple that the manufacture is quite possible even for poorly prepared novice. After all, the basis of a box without bottom and lid (the role it plays put the top sheet 4-mm window glass).
Wall box panel. Material used Board thickness of 20-30 mm. front wall Height 500 mm, rear 700 mm. So that the glass roof gets tilted. This improves illumination of the plants and, consequently, the assimilation of solar radiation.
The experience of seasoned gardeners and farmers shows that on a plot size of six standard acres should have 3-4 portable greenhouse.
UNIVERSAL PRAVILKA all sizes will undoubtedly help to improve the quality of processing fur skins. Ideally, drying each skin with adherence to the adopted technology should be appropriate with the size of pravilka. However, the raw material usually comes different, to it need and pravilom will not save enough. Besides the skins by drying at times “are mummified” so that to separate them from pravilki — problem. Universal easily solves it.
The direction of creative search “suggested” secateur, knife which gets the desired trajectory due to the special spring. So why not pravilno to make a sliding and spring-loaded?
Offer new pravilno, the size of its details purposely not cite. I am convinced that the main thing in technical work — well-developed idea, the rest will follow. Moreover, each of the interested followers — their materials and capabilities.
B. DUHNEVICH, Moscow region

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