This call is present in many emails of designers bikes. “Somehow, browsing in the library of old magazines “M-K”, I came across a design velocipede with manual transmission. From that day, I had only one thought — to do”, — says Sergey Titarenko from the city of Nevinnomyssk in Stavropol region.

His interest was published in No. 9, 1970 article about the manual drive Dutov. Despite the fact that the structure is quite complex and time-consuming, Sergey with the help of parents has produced and tested the drive.
Due to the fact that the drive Dutov were published in considerable detail, we do not reproduce here the bike.
However, we were interested in this one important detail: Bicycle Sergey Titarenko installed the seat… with backrest (Fig. 3).
The case and that the manual actuator of similar design, when the two connecting rod in one direction, and the forward torque causes displacement of the cyclist on the saddle ago. It is here that works like stop, back, set ka the saddle. Sergei found a way of fixing it without welding.
Fig. 1. Hinged front-wheel drive.
Fig. 1. Hinged front-wheel drive.

Fig. 2. Bracket drive.
Fig. 2. Drive bracket.
Fig. 3. Fastening of seat with a back.
Fig. 3. Fastening of seat with a back.
But it always need a front wheel drive! In fact, the authors themselves emphasize that the need for it arises only in a long journey with a large cargo, with ascents and difficult sections of road. Therefore deserve attention to let the outside and less sophisticated, but does not require breaking bike mounted drives. With the simplest of them, one stage: the transfer, we introduced in the article “Reinvent the wheel!”. Here’s another one, two removable design Oleg Tkachev from the city of Tokmak of Zaporizhzhya region.
Drive device made from old bike frames and carriages, can be seen from figures 1 and 2. Cut the middle part of the frame and its rear plug serve as a bracket for mounting the actuator on a long bolt of the steering wheel and the front fork. The front section of the frame is used as a bracket in the first degree of the actuator. To him through the tubular liner is attached to the carriage with the hand crank, is also cut off from the old frame. The liner allows the chain tension the first stage of the drive circuit of the second stage is stretched by lifting the steering column. As the leading and intermediate sprockets used the same two from the hub of the rear wheel of a sports bike.

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