Electric jigsaws are of type AL-1, AL-2, produced by Cheboksary electric plant, the range of work performed is very limited. For example, due to the design features of the jig saw it is impossible to work with a wide sheet of plywood or plastic. And cutting tool quickly fails: the files are often broken or torn.

Meanwhile, a small alteration stanochek proposed by the students of our school, eliminates these disadvantages and makes it suitable for wider use, especially in modelling circles.
After the upgrade jig saw allows you to perform the following operations: cutting wide sheets of plywood and plastic as a straight line, and grisolano; cutting out parts of different configurations; preparation of thorns and eyes, and even soft metals.
The alteration consists of the deletion of the arc, fixing the upper end of jigsaws nail file, and change the design of the cutting tool. Instead of long and thin jigsaws blade in the extended slot of the vibrating rod is inserted a short sturdy – set of size 50X4 mm, which can be made from trimming saw blade with a tooth pitch of 0.5— 1 mm. For this process it on the sanding machine to specified dimensions. Brush should protrude above the surface of the table jigsaw 10-20 mm. However, with the foam height of the cutting part of the nail can be increased to 100 mm.
The work of the “figure” saw.
Upgraded jigsaws machine.
Upgraded jigsaws machine.
Installing the band.
The installation of the band.
Thus produced serves as a nail file indefinitely, until the complete wear of the teeth. Our industry would be nice to start production of these saws along with jigsaws.
Modernization makes, in essence, the jig saw electric oscillating saw. The purity of the surface of the cut is not worse than a jigsaw, and sometimes and better. However, rounding a small radius with a hacksaw so not to do because of the width of the blade, but, as shown, and they occur very rarely.
Working with organic glass on an electric vibrating saw is also much better than a jigsaw: saw less “sealed” in done the cracks and easily released.
Power characteristics for such a “figure” saw (30 W, which reglamentary plant), of course, too small to handle thick materials or hardness. But what can you do? We understand that the plant can’t produce machines of high power, as this will cause an increase in the size, weight of the machine and even re-production. However, the proposed improvement and equipping of jigsaws a set of replacement saws will significantly expand its capabilities now.
Electric oscillating saw has received a positive opinion of the chair of technical disciplines of the Gorky pedagogical Institute. A similar machine made by pupils of boarding school № 4 of the city of Gorky, awarded the diploma of I degree at the city exhibition of children’s technical creativity, by teachers of labor studies and the Institute for advanced training of teachers of the city of Gorky.
A. MEDVEDEV, teacher, Gorky

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