WINCH TRACTORLarge forestry in the country today are equipped with powerful and high-performance appliances. However, there is a lot of auxiliary operations, the performance of which has not yet been invented mechanisms and tools that facilitate the work, increase its effectiveness and quality.

In the list of important forest Affairs — the so-called thinning. Clearing from sick, old trees, thinning the forest to increase its profitability, improve the quality of harvested wood then.
Until recently, most of the operations on thinning had to be done manually: a powerful technique here just can’t be touched.
Innovators of forestry decided to base a small but powerful tractors “Belarus”, to equip them with the set of auxiliary attachments. One such device is hydraulically controlled shield for skidding wood with navesnoy winch (LTN-1) — created by the staff of cokb of Leskhozmash, together with the all-Union scientific research Institute of forestry and mechanization of forestry. Working from the PTO shaft and the tractor’s hydraulic system allows the device to be transported in one trip of up to 3 m3 of timber. Serve it as a tractor driver and helper — choker.
Fig. 1. Mounted skidding winch LTN-1 on the tractor
Fig. 1. Mounted skidding winch LTN-1 on the tractor “Belarus”:
1 — capstan, 2 — cylinder shield, 3 — skid plate, 4 — Traktor “Belarus”, 5 — fencing of the cab.

Fig. 2. Appearance and scheme of the tractor with the universal skid plate with hardware
Fig. 2. Appearance and scheme of the tractor with the universal skid plate equipment:
1 — tractor 2 — guard cabins, 3 Central suspension, 4 — double-drum hoist, 5 — pressure roller, 6 — winch cable, 7 — support-loading shield, 8 — coupling node 9 — PTO shaft, 10 — valve, 11 — blade bulldozer.

Fig. 3. Schemes of work universal logging equipment
Fig. 3. Schemes of work universal logging equipment:
1 is skidding at sanitary felling 2 — alignment of the ends of the logs, 3 — loading a transport with the use of inclined racks, 4 load using two lifting masts, 5 — transportation of short-length sticks of wood

If the tractor can’t come close to the piled trees — unwind the winch cable (the stock designed for 45 m). Tractor, using the hydraulic system lowers the skid plate and then the body of the winch to the ground, and helper in this time tying a rope — coceral — whips. On his signal, the tractor includes a clutch of the winch and PTO of the tractor, the winch tightens and pulls the whips on the shield. Then the hydraulic lifts it — the trees can be transported to the place of loading.
Developed and more versatile skidding device with double-drum winch (LTP-2). It attaches to the rear hitch of the tractor without additional brackets and ancillary parts.
The device itself is simple — it support-loading a shield with a vertical wall on which is fixed a double-drum winch with guide rollers. The lower part of the shield is a wide ski with inclined sheet loading, it retracts designed for skidding timber. Lever stopper ensures its fixed position in certain technological operations.
Universal skid plate device allows you to take out long – and short-length sticks of wood from the forest, shipping it to the trawlers and platform (with the use of an inclined overpass or two loading masts), to align the ends of the logs when they are folded.

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