ASSISTANT ENTHUSIASTDEVICE FOR CHARGING BATTERIES is a rectifier device with electronic current regulator (Fig. 1). A rectifier manufactured by bridge circuit of diodes V1 — V4 (Fig. 2), and the electronic controller a current amplifier transistor V5. The necessary adjustment select using the divider resistors R2, RZ, providing current from 4 to 6 And at a voltage of 8-15 V.

From the choice of the values R2, R3 depends on the optimal mode of operation of the transistor V5: maximum values of power and current shall not exceed the maximum allowable. The most favorable mode of the transistor in the given device mode saturation (potentiometer shorted).
Winding III of the transformer T1 is designed to connect vulcanizer car cameras. The core of the power transformer recruited from the W-shaped plates and has a cross-sectional area of 9 — 10 cm2. Plates collected vperekryshku, without clearance. The winding of I contains 440 turns of wire sew-2 0,72 II — 40 turns of PEV-2 of 1.65, and the winding III — 28 turns of PEV-2 is 2.0.
The R1 resistor wire, a wound wire of PEV-2 of 0.72 on the body of the resistor is VS-1 resistance in few ohms, R3 — MLT-2, R2 is a variable resistor PP-3. C1 — electrolytic capacitor K50-6. H1 lamp ЛН26ВХ0.15A.
The diodes V1 — V4 and the V5 transistor mounted on heat sinks — aluminum plate the size of 40X30X6 60x50x15 mm and mm, respectively.
Fig. 1. The appearance of the charger.
Fig. 1. The appearance of the charger.

Indicator (voltmeter with a scale of 30 V and an ammeter with a scale of 10 A), the regulator of the variable resistor R2, and activation indicator D1 is located on the front panel of the charger.
Establishing device is reduced to .verification of the correct installation the selection of the divider R2, R3.
DEVICE INTERMITTENT CONTROL windshield WIPER performed on the basis of the electronic time relay (Fig. 3). Through connectors X1, X2 is connected to the wiper motor. In an unusable state (S1 open) the circuit breaker is de-energized, the capacitors C1— C3 are discharged. When the device is turned on, the capacitor C1 is charged quickly via the motor M1, and C2, C3 — slowly through the resistors R1 and R2. After a while, depending on the position of the engine variable resistor R2, open the composite transistor V2, V3, and behind him, and the SCR V4. It includes the motor M1, causing the wiper blade. After the half cycle of the windshield wiper operation closed contacts of limit switches (not shown in the diagram), they shunt shorted SCR V4, C1 — C3 is quickly discharged (C2, C3 through the diode V1), and V2, V3 and V4 are closed. At the end of the cycle, when the brush is returned to its original position, contacts the end switch opens and the wiper stops. After this re-starts the charge of the capacitors C1 — C3; cycle of the chopper is repeated.
Capacitor C1 protects the contacts of the end switch from burning. Transistors 2 and BONDS with different conductivity type included in the scheme of a compound emitter follower. Such inclusion increases the input resistance of the cascade is 10 to 15 times, which is beneficial to the stability of the device as a whole.
The circuit breaker is tested with wiper СЛ220, but can operate successfully with other types of “wiper”.
The device is allowed to use any low-frequency transistors, for example, МП39 — МП42, ГТ108 back and МП36 —MP38 direct conduction. Diode Д311 interchangeable with Д310.
Fig. 2. The charger circuit.
Fig. 2. The charger circuit.
Fig. 3. Diagram of the device control intermittent windshield wiper.
Fig. 3. Diagram of the device control intermittent windshield wiper.
Constant resistors — MLT-0,25, the variable resistor CP3 10bm. Electrolytic capacitors of the type K50-6.
Establishing device is to verify the correct installation and selection of the frequency of the wiper (for values of K1, K2, indicated in the diagram, its range from 1 to 10).
ELECTRONIC “WATCHMAN” that protects the vehicle from penetration by unauthorized persons. we Offer two options for security device. The first (Fig. 4) it is better to install on the machine, covered by an awning or cover, and the second (Fig. 5) — nesacaine car.
“The watchman”, whose scheme is shown in figure 4, is an electronic relay with two stable States. When wrapped around the protected sheathed car wire L1 is intact, the transistor V1 is closed, relay K2 is de-energized, the audio signals B1, B2 off. Upon breakdown of the protective wire of the transistor V1 open, relay K2 releases and contact K2 of the plate.1 short circuit relay K1 sound car alarm: signals B1, B2 are enabled.
Fig. 4. The first version of
Fig. 4. The first version of “guard”
Fig. 5. The second version of
Fig. 5. The second version of “watchmen”
Relay K2 — RES-9 (passport RS4.524.202), S2 — toggle switch T1, L1 — a wire PEV-2 0,1.
After checking the correct installation select the value of resistor R1.
The second option is the “watchman” (see figure 5) is a set of contacts S3 — S8, each of which, hinging leads to relay K1 system sound alarm car. For reliable actuation of the contacts S3 — S8, it is recommended to saublebeach.
Assign switches: S3 — hood, S4 left front door, S5 — the right front door, S6 — left rear door, S7 — right rear door, S8 — trunk.
S2 — toggle switch T1, S3 — S8 pushbutton switches of any type, designed for the tension of 12 V and a current of 500 mA.
All the schemes are tested on the car “Moskvich-2140”.

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