DISTURBERThe electric signal amplitude decreases rapidly — within 2-4 s after pinch the strings, it accounts for only 20-30% of the maximum level. At the same time changing the tone color of the sound. This circumstance restricts the possibility of using the electric guitar as a solo instrument. That’s why natural “voice” strings replaced its electronic similarity with a constant volume level. For the first time such a device has used the group “the Beatles”. Now the same email attachment to AMY is known as disturber (deformer), or “FUZZ”.

In disturbare the signal from the guitar is amplified hundreds of times, and then subjected to bilateral restriction on the release of the console has a constant amplitude and timbre color. The device can extend the sound of single tones (notes) to 10 seconds.
The sound effect is particularly noticeable if disturbare applied a little noisy transistors h219=300-500, allowing to obtain a satisfactory restriction of the signal at low noise level. However, in some samples the observed dependence of mode constraints on the magnitude of the signal from the guitar, giving a fuzzy, vague sounding tone. Moreover, in transistor disturbare almost impossible to get symmetrical limit because of the saturation of a semiconductor triode with a large level of the input voltage. That’s why a sound generator and a sensitive oscilloscope so hard in Amateur conditions carefully adjust the prefix “FUZZ”.
Disturber, which we offer to our readers, on the principle of action is different from the su-striding development, has bilateral constraint, and the noise gate is simple to set up. Here’s how the device works.
The signal from the guitar to the input of pre-amplifier, made on field-effect transistor V1 type КП103К, L or M (see circuit diagram). The sensitivity of the cascade to regulate a variable resistor R2 depending on a specific musical instrument.
Concept disturber.
Schematic diagram of disturber.
Then electric oscillations of audio frequency and amplitude of at least 25-30 mV serves on the amplifier-limiter, assembled on the chip A1. After the signal has bilateral limit, a constant amplitude and constant duty cycle, giving a clearer sound tones rich range of tone.
Since the total gain of disturber exceeds 100, it has a squelch circuit which does not pass to the output noise pickup, electric guitar and background noise of the amplifier.
These functions make silicon point diode V2 and V3 that weaken the background level and noise 100 times.
After the squelch of the useful signal is supplied to an additional stop made on included in the scheme diode germanium transistors V4 and V5. In combination with the resistor R9 with the help they receive high-quality limitation of the output signal when the voltage of electric oscillations coming from the electric guitar, 0,5 mV and above.
A variable resistor R10 to adjust the timbre of disturber, and R12 — volume. Include the console by pressing button S1. The electric guitar is connected via connector X1 type SG-3. The output connector x2 brand SG-5 conclusions 4, 5 are used for automatic switching on power source.
The device consumes a current not exceeding 2 mA, which ensures a long working life of the battery “Krona VTS”.
In disturbare resistors are used: constant MLT-0,125, MLT-0,25, the variables of GPA-1 (R2), SP-1, GPA-4 (R10, R12); electrolytic capacitors of the type K50-6, others — KLS.
The circuit Board of the console with the layout of the parts.
The circuit Board of the console with the layout of the parts.
All parts except R10, R12, is mounted on the circuit Board size 100X40 mm, made of foil fiberglass thickness of 1.5 mm (see figure).
Configure the device as follows. First select the value of resistor RZ so that the current of the transistor V1 was 0.5—0.8 mA, and then use the variable resistor R2 sets the playing time of disturber in the range of 6-10 C.
The console contains a sensitive amplifier, so it must be placed in a metal case and grounded.
Working with Disturbia, the contractor shall include an electric guitar pickup on the neck and off the rest. Thereby increasing the clarity of the limiter and, as a consequence, the entire device as a whole.
V. AINBINDER, Leningrad

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