Instead of bulky and uncomfortable electrostatic machines Wimshurst, coils Ruhmkorff in high school physics classrooms are increasingly high voltage converters voltage. They can be used to Pro* led experiments in such branches of physics as electrostatics and current in gases. We offer our readers “e-stick” — one of those devices.

It is mounted in an elongated cylindrical case, the ends of which is fixed Borny conductors of the Converter (see figure). The device is powered by three elements 373, or “Mars”. One set ensures reliable operation of the “electronic sticks” Throughout the school year.
High voltage Converter is assembled on a single transistor in circuit with a voltage doubler. With capacitor C4 ball Borny receives a voltage of 2-4 kV.
The transformer is made of coils of ignition. With the bobbin removed the metal cover, remove the cover karbolovuju, wound primary low-voltage winding and frame for a length of 15 mm pull the iron core. It put on an additional frame made of plastic or cardboard, and then wound by a wire of PEV of 0.2—0.3 two coils: L1 and L2 50—100 turns.
Details of the rectifier are mounted on glinkovo Board. On one side of located selenium posts, and on the other capacitors C2 — C4, STAND, or BER, is designed for a voltage of 10 kV. The maximum value of the EMF pick up by adjusting the shift amount on the basis of V1. For this purpose, the resistor R1 temporarily replace the variable resistor of 270 Ohm. Thus the collector current should not exceed 0.4 A.
Converter circuit.
The Converter circuit.

The design of the “e-coli”.

The cylindrical body of the device is glued together from thick paper. With the ends closed with wooden or plastic covers. They mounted the rods with barname conductors.
If the number of elements increase to six, the voltage at borah will increase to 4 kV. In this case, selenium columns should be designed for a voltage of 2 kV, for example 5ГЕ200Ф. Then it will be possible to light not only geislerova pipe, and devices of gas-discharge equipment, fluorescent lights with dangling cathodes to demonstrate the formation of electron beams in selectionnotify tubes and kinescopes.
V. CHERNYSHEVSKY, Kommunarsk, Voroshilovgrad region.

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