Many people keep different Pets, communication with which brings a lot of pleasant moments for both children and adults. However, there are those animals, which are also constantly live with the man and often visited his home (for example, mice, rats). But they are uninvited guests and even harmful, as they are considered (and probably not without reason), carriers of different pathogens of dangerous infections.

To wean them to go “unannounced” is hardly possible desire to profit from them is stronger than fear. And then there is one way, as frightening as it may sound, is to destroy them.
Typically, this use of toxic feeding and all kinds of traps and pitfalls. These methods, repeatedly tested, widespread, but not always effective. It’s no wonder the rats are considered to be one of the most intelligent animals they can smell poisoned food and it does not take, and the traps and pitfalls just pass by or take the bait of them with such caution and dexterity, that these mechanisms don’t even work.
In addition, if rodents are caught sometimes in the trap and the trap or eat the poison feeding, they can expect a painful death, that, in General, is inhumane even against such harmful creatures.
Ten years ago I worked in a laboratory in the study of physics in middle school.
And from the basement through the crack between the floor and the wall got into the habit to visit the big rat. Several times she came, not afraid, even in my presence and were very reluctant to leave when I ran it came to hand the shatterproof subject: rubber bag, then carton box.
Arrangement of the device
The layout of the device:
1 — plate (one-sided foil getinaks s1, 2 PCs), 2 — electrolytic capacitor (2 pack), 3 — bit resistor R1, 4 — socket, 5 — pin plug connection load 6 — rectifier diodes, 7 — charging resistor R2, 8 — network plug with wire

Tried to use it against almost all traditional media but to no avail.
I had to think about how to outsmart her In the end invented.
In the laboratory, even with the pre-perestroika times, when the school radio club have successfully worked and won a lot of victories in radio sport, was in abundance all the “electronic stuff” From it and decided to make for rats “electroline boom”, working from household mains alternating current to Leave the device at night under stress without supervision contrary to the rules of electrical and fire safety was a risky business Then decided to build another improved device acting on the electric charge accumulated in a sufficiently powerful couple (battery) capacitors “Electroline boom” the result is a simple, mobile, does not give any alarming smells and sounds.
The device consisted of a pair of plates of one-sided foil 1-mm Micarta turned conductive layer up the Strips can be run from a regular sheet, but only if the location of the device for use on dry insulating base, for example, on the wooden floor. At the ends of the strips were bonded to the two electrolytic capacitors —their same conclusions soldered to each plate, thus obtaining a battery of parallel-connected capacitors. The capacitors took a face value of 50 UF x 450 V, to present for a long time, a sufficiently large voltage to provide killing power even with a small battery self-discharge.
The length of the plates was determined by the width of the track, which was supposed to cover the “electroman” the possible route of the animal and were approximately 500 mm Width of the plates was about 100 mm, but this is probably the maximum, although less than 50 mm to make them too impractical— the harmful rodent can plate easily and jump in the skill and ingenuity of the rat will not deny the distance between the plates (gap) was small—only about 10 mm, it should only slightly exceed the size of the feet (paws).
Electrical schematic
Electrical schematic “electroline”
In addition to the capacitors to the plates was soldered from the wire attached to one of them the outlet To a wall outlet to charge the capacitor and reconnected the plug from the simplest of the rectifier, comprising two series-connected diodes Д226Б To reduce the current in the charging circuit before the diodes included resistor resistance 8.2 kOhm the Other ends of the rectifier is connected to 220 V And To one of the plates was soldered to a lead dvuhsvetnoe of 10 kω resistors Other conclusion remained free and was hanging over the second strip Tapping on resistor non-conductive object for a few seconds, the capacitors can be discharged and to protect the device.
The evening before leaving charged capacitors of the device using a homemade rectifier to almost the peak voltage (about 300 V). (If there was any source of supply, they can be charged almost to the maximum voltage of the capacitors) then set electromyo around the cracks, through which came and went rat.
On the third morning “electroman” worked—around device lay defeated enemy.
A. LISOV, Ivanovo

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