In order to ensure the safety of electrical equipment during sudden surges, there are special systems surge protective. They help to avoid breakage and equipment failure.


Lightning is an interesting and mysterious phenomenon. But it is also very dangerous as it is powerful electrical charge, which can create an unsafe situation. Often this occurs when lightning poles power lines. In the absorption of large amounts of energy sudden a power surge can shut down an entire city. And from here derive other problems: equipment failure at the production stations, which leads to accidents, fires, injuries.


To protect the lives of citizens, companies care about installing special circuits – surge arresters. But this applies to apartment houses and buildings of public importance, and private homes need to think to their owners.




Technical progress gave us electricity and a lot of appliances that work. We are too dependent on this – today life without electricity choose only hermits, and that is not all. To protect your home and equipment from the danger of overvoltage in the event of a lightning strike is extremely important for any owner of private property.


The varicap diodes – radio components, which are used to stabilize the voltage. Due to such and such detail made possible the creation of systems that limit excessive voltage in the mains. They allow power to remain in constant tension, despite the sharp jump. Based on this whole system surge arresters – surge arresters. They consist of several levels of protection. The first one is the external contour, which is a lightning rod system for the diversion of lightning and earthing. Much harder the other levels.


The PMN for homes


From lightning strike the house protects the first level, but the voltage drop can occur as a result of contact discharge in a wire that are at a great distance from you. This can lead to a fatal outcome all home appliances, which at this moment connected to the network. A group of resistors and special parts takes the hit that saves the home network from sudden power surges. Varistors dissipate the load, which are in momentum. They convert the energy into heat, which is discharged into the ground.


The surge arresters used in various fields:

  • housing panels;
  • switchgear and switchboards;
  • water-distribution device.

The main condition is the presence of the ground, enabling to discharge heat.

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