LEARN TO CONTROL HIMSELFWhat is auditory training? Is the ability to replace eight hours of sleep sorokapyatiletnyaya rest. This exclusive attention, phenomenal memory, the ability to “turn off” the pain, stop bleeding, keep warm in the fierce cold. But to master the skills of autogenic training only under the guidance of knowledgeable teachers, working hard for many months and even years. Step by step develops the subtle introspection, a vivid imagination and an iron self-control, the student seizes the opportunities for active relaxation and concentration, learn how to use the formulas of self-hypnosis and consciously control dreams.


System these skills allows you to train the body and mind. In the end of mental culture learners auditory training increases so that the manifestations of his abilities are perceived by many as miracles. We know, for example that Napoleon due to the possession of active relaxation could sleep and relax during battles, the rumble of guns. Another fact, was science: in 1926 in the Bombay medical society one Deshabandhu in the presence of experts demonstrated the regulation of cardiac activity by reducing the number of heartbeats up to two per minute. Now science has proven that people can arbitrarily change blood pressure, blood sugar, metabolism, and electrical activity of the brain. The list is constantly expanding.

That is why auditory training attracts everyone. However, the costs of time and energy on learning is significant, and not everyone has the opportunity to make such sacrifices. The difficulty lies in the fact that autogenic training is reminiscent of learning to drive a car blindfolded. If we could remove the bandage, the timing would be reduced tenfold.
Electronics came to the rescue of psychology. The devices are made available to monitor subtle changes in physiological processes. The device for recording brain waves, skin temperature and electrical activity of the muscle become almost household in many countries of the world. So there was biofeedback, through which the effectiveness of anger management have increased considerably. She revealed a wonderful ability to control own body: having the right tool without a long preparatory work to begin the task of regulating, body functions.
However, the advantages of psihotrening you will be able to evaluate themselves and experience the instruments, which are presented in figures 1-3. Recall that a key goal of anger management is the ability to deeply and quickly relax. After relaxing, half asleep, self-hypnosis are clear, and that was involuntary, it becomes a subordinate command.
Fig. 1.
Fig. 1.
Fig. 2.
Fig. 2.
Fig. 3.
Fig. 3.
The action of the first device (Fig. 1) based on the known fact that the skin resistance increases when the person calms down and falls asleep, and decreases the mental agitation and mobilization (galvanic skin response or psychogalvanic). Psychologists, knowing the value of the resistance of the skin can determine the emotional state of a person. There was even a “lie detectors”, which is based on this principle.
The frequency of generation of impulses (aurally perceived as pitch) depends on the interelectrode resistance. The higher it is, the lower the sound.
Using a wide rubber ring electrodes attached to the palm or sole. To reduce the phase resistance electrode — skin, between the applied conductive paste, for example toothpaste. (The skin it is advisable to scrub with a pumice stone and degreased.) Electrodes can serve as a coin (silver is better).
The transistor T1 is desirable to choose a small reverse collector current. The tone of the sound picked by the condenser C1.
The second simulator (Fig. 2) differs from the first in that the sound stops at the moment when the skin resistance becomes higher than the value specified in R2. The transistor T2 is opening and there is a failure of generation.
With a third of the simulator (Fig. 3) you can register temperature changes of the skin, depending on the size (cross sectional area) of the blood vessels. A temperature sensor is a diode D2B, attach the patch to the skin (usually use the hand). Before you start training by using the variable resistor R3 sets the average pitch of the sound.
For a start you can learn how to fall asleep quickly and fully regain their strength according to the following scheme of training. Using the first psychotrieae, to learn to relax and mobilize the energy of at least 10-15 minutes These exercises should be alternated, increasing the depth of the changes. To develop the skill of quick sleep and Wake-up with a second Psychotrauma. Vasodilation (thermal training) will make your stay even more complete. Soon you’ll forget what a bad sleep and fatigue, learn the right time to focus its forces and to resist stress.
N. ZENG, research fellow, Institute of hygiene and occupational diseases Academy of medical Sciences

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