It would seem that all good pocket flashlight “Elektronika B6-03”: from design to filling, including a fairly capacious battery of three disk accumulators D-0,26. But… As shown by operating experience, the charger it is truly useless.

Diodes КД522Н installed in it as a staff, breaking at the slightest oxidation of the elements; the charging current is too small — about 8 mA.

Several of the have passed through my hands lanterns instead of relying 0.47 µf as the quenching of reactive resistance was soldered (and anyhow) a capacitor with a capacitance of only 0,22 UF. Accordingly, the charging current here barely reached 1 mA.
Circuit diagram of rechargeable flashlight that will not fail
A circuit diagram of a rechargeable flashlight that will not fail

Of course, a charger with such low performance are subject to alteration, which can not make adjustments and to other parts of the “Electronics B6-03”. For example, I advocate the complete replacement of the old installation to the new, which recommend keeping in line with popular, well-proven in practice, basic electric scheme (see figure). The diodes use a series КД105, resistors — polwatte, like MJ1T, and the capacitor — K73-17 or its equivalent, designed for work in AC circuits with a nominal voltage of 400 V. All items are easily accommodated in the same body of the lamp.
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