“I know, I know— says a reader, after reading the title.— Yes, but neither “alive” nor “dead” water does not happen. Tales!..” Is he right? A few years ago, the magazine “Inventor and rationalizer” announced that we have developed a device that allows you to do “live” and “dead” water. And if you speak the language of chemists, water with a very strong acidic and alkaline reaction. It turned out, ordinary water can be decomposed as two components with opposite properties. According to statements of many who have experienced their actions, “living” water beneficial to the complexion, softens wrinkles, improves hair growth, reduces hair loss, is a good remedy for burns. But “dead” water bad acts on the mouth, reduces gum bleeding.

There is evidence that “living” water can be successfully used for watering flowers, vegetables, BERRIES and fruit crops. Its effect is little studied, but even those meager results that had already been received, talking about a lot of things. Noticed that it soaked the seeds germinate sooner, plants grow better and yield higher.
We offer you guys to experiment on the basis of what is.
Where to start? Let’s deal with the mechanism for obtaining these waters. The lower image shows a schematic diagram of the device. The vessel 1 is immersed two electrodes 2 and 3. Moreover, the electrode 3 is placed in an electrically permeable vessel 5. Through the diode 4, the electrodes are connected to the mains AC voltage of 220 V. What happens to the water — easy to understand. It is electrolysis. Around one electrode, the water is saturated with ions of hydroxyl group, around the other — hydrogen ions. So they don’t mix and neutralize each other, just need a inner electrically permeable vessel 5. Its volume should be approximately the fifth part of the vessel 1. When current flows in the vessel 5 turns “living” water, and the rest of the water is “dead”.
Now, let’s talk about the device. It consists of a one-liter glass jars, two aluminum plate electrodes of the inner vessel, made of tarpaulin, diode D 226 and lead-in insulated wire. Assemble it as shown in the figure. Please note that the device included in the network, and a voltage of 220 V is dangerous! Fifteen minutes later setting off. Water pour into separate vessels. Their effect on plants fix in the diaries. Waiting for your messages! Suddenly you empirically disprove the skeptics…

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