GARDEN FAVORITESComfortable garden table on wheels with a brazier (Mangal) may appeal to owners of garden plots. Make it for their own needs are simple.
For the description we chose two types of mobile tables, grills, circular and rectangular, both of large capacity and with the ability to adjust the height of the lattice grills. Mobile grills transform ordinary cooking into a kind of entertainment. They have a large working surface, bottom shelf and a rod on which to hang cooking utensils.
All wooden elements are planed from wood of coniferous breeds. L-shaped elements of the truck (4 pieces) made of bars section 70X20 mm, connected in a half-tree and glued with waterproof glue. Before you start gluing, it is necessary to round off the free ends of bars and drill them in the nest to strengthen the rod diameter of 32 mm. When the glue is grabbed, clean all surfaces with sandpaper and to finish the trim, make a small chamfer along all edges of wooden elements, including at the curved ends of the bars.
Cut the bottom rails (2 pieces) of bar cross-section 20X40 mm with grooves for connection with G-shaped elements and the slats of the bottom shelf. Glue and secure with screws extreme strap, cut from a bar cross-section 20X75 mm, to the longitudinal rails to form the frame of the bottom shelf. The slats for the shelf (10 pieces) section 15X75 mm are cut to the appropriate length, glued and nailed to the longitudinal rails.
Before you glue and reinforce with screws the rails of the bottom shelf to the l-shaped members, it is necessary to clean the surface with sandpaper. Glue and screw the rod into the sockets of the horizontal parts of the l-shaped elements.
Metal frame under the roasting pan is made from steel rods Ø 10 mm with threaded ends inserted into the tube struts, and the two longitudinal tubes Ø 15 mm. Rods of appropriate length is secured between l-shaped wooden elements using nuts and washers. Cut the tube spacers of appropriate length and adjust their ends to the cylindrical surfaces of the longitudinal tubes: after Assembly of the support frame is formed under the broiler. To hold round tray on base frame of the grill shall be provided in two places with metal loops or clips.
To create a heat-resistant surface tables on both sides of the brazier laid tiles. For this purpose it is best to use ceramic floor tiles, free laid on aluminum trays, which are fixed to the top of the bars l-shaped elements. The pallets are attached with pan head screws to the tubular clamps. Plastic wheels reinforced lock nut with washer on the axes of the metal rods.
Additional folding plane of the table is constructed of wooden laths with cross-section 75X15 mm associated with the cross-bar 75X25 mm.
Cut the cross-bar 75X25 mm in the desired length and arrange their ends to the mortise joints. Put some of the planks 75X15 mm across the bars and mark approximately the diameter of the table. Rough cut a few brackets and mark all other trims. When everything is prepared, lay out the slats with equal spaces, glue and nail them to the bottom of the bars. Cut two short bars and bond them to the plate. Mark the diameter of the round table and cut each plank with a jigsaw. Mark the inner hole of table (round or square), designed to protect wooden parts from a hot pan of coals, and cut it along the markings. Clean with sandpaper the cut ends and make a small chamfer on each face. Hang a folding table for two furniture hinges with a size of 50 mm in the cross-bar 20X25 mm, glued and screwed to l-shaped elements. The reference triangle under a folding table made of bars 75X25 mm from the coniferous tree and is attached to a supporting stand section 20X70 mm and a length of about 686 mm.
Frame of wind shield, in which is inserted a ceramic tile, made of duralumin channels. Channels drilled in the corners to add support legs with a length of 343 mm steel rods with thread M8. They are secured with nuts and washers in copper tubes Ø 10 mm. the Rear wall of the wind shield and all other metal parts except for the longitudinal pipes and the grills sprayed painted with Matt black paint.
On the design of the second table-grill we in detail stop, as it is largely similar to that already described and differs only over a simple wind shield and the lack of folding table. The technology of manufacturing components and their Assembly is the same.
Garden tables with a brazier (A — round folding table-grill, B — simplified rectangular table-grill).
Garden tables with a brazier (A — round folding table-grill, B — simplified rectangular table-grill):
1 — supporting element (copper pipe Ø 10 mm), 2 — pin with thread M8, 3 — support bar (cross section of 20×25 mm), 4 remote sleeves (sections of tube Ø 15 mm) 5 — wheel 6 — lower rail (the bar section 20×40 mm), 7 — arm, 8 — tile, 9 — frame of the wind shield, 10 — foot frame of the brazier, 11 — drain pan 12 — eye fastening the wind shield.
According to the magazine “Practical Householder”, England

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