BACKYARD LAKEHOMESTEAD lake? Yes, it is possible to build yourself on any, even the smallest individual or the garden, as described in today’s collection of KDM. Minimodem will allow you to significantly expand the range of ornamental plants, and children to their own bath on the hottest period of the summer.

Everyone knows how great the attractive force of the water. Even a small pond located in the garden can become the center of a cozy Seating area with its unusual microclimate, where the air is saturated with air ions.
If you are attracted by the prospect of creating your own mini-lake, get to work. First, you must select a site for a future pond. Note that water from it will be lower, so take care of it when its arrangement. Better if it will be located on an elevated site of your site.
Now grab a shovel you have to dig a shallow pit. Its form is arbitrary; however, remember that the decorative bog and pond plants prefer different depths. Provide to part of the mini-lake had a depth of about 0.8 m and part — 0,4 m. Steep slopes should form an angle relative to the horizontal of about 60°. After rough excavation, carefully flatten its sides and bottom, remove the remaining roots of trees and stones, after which the tamper seal surface of the walls and bottom.
After completing this work, do not try immediately to fill the pit with water — in this case you get just a pit of murky muddy muck. Mandatory mini-lake is required waterproofing, which would eliminate the filtration of water into the soil. As such a layer is best suitable plastic film. Well, of course, that it was of such a size that allowed at once to cover all the mini-lake. However, the necessary cloth you can get and glue two or three strips using masking tape-tape or glue “Moment”.
Before laying the film don’t forget to pour on the bottom of the reservoir of clean sifted sand — there’s plenty of cushion thickness of about five centimeters. Lining the film, try to make it never stretched: better to be over about a half-meter allowance around the perimeter of the pit, which is then pressed against the gravel, laid in the small circular recess around the perimeter miniopera.
Main stages of works on the plot of the mini-lake.
Main stages of works on the plot of the mini-lake:
a — preparation of pit: b — laying layers of sand and waterproofing (plastic film), the installation of containers for the plants; — accommodation in the mini-lake water-demanding plants.
On top of the gravel beach can be decorated with stone slabs or flat boulders. Looks very good framing of concrete blocks of irregular shape. They can be cast by the piece, single mold. However, a simpler stone “border” around the lake to perform Tselikov, the tide of it into a single mold. Thus, after placement of concrete, divide the surface of the slats into small blocks. After curing of the solution of the slats are removed and the resulting grooves are filled with earth or tinted cement mortar. Such contouring will look no worse than a curb stone.
Before filling a prepared pit pour water on the bottom over the film another five-centimeter layer of sand or clean gravel. Simultaneously it is necessary to install a concrete tank, or, what is better, ceramic, baked clay pots, filled two-thirds land and one-third (from top) clean river sand. Remember that if you fill a vessel only one ground, the water will quickly wash it out of these tanks.
Planting in pots can be all those aquatic plants that grow well in your area. They can be water lilies, yellow water lilies, and cattails, and reeds, and sedges. Ikebana of your mini-lakes — it is not less severe than beautiful arrangement of the bouquet; so take this job seriously and before carefully consider the examples of mini-lakes are included on our tab.
Not the less attention requires the green design of the shores of your backyard pond. To do this, you should also choose plants that thrive along the banks of water bodies, ranging from sedges to shrubs of willow and willow. During planting, keep in mind that low-growing plants should be placed closer to the water, and the larger away.
Last but not the device area. It can be stylized benches using sawn in half or cut logs. One can do small, low table. Don’t forget to prepare a few slabs of concrete that you will need to put the pad under a table and benches.
Option-plan a mini-lake with the area.
Option plan mini-lake with a Seating area.
Area (table and bench).
Sitting area (table and bench).
To the wooden parts has not lost its attractive appearance, it is advised to cover them in two or three coats of hot linseed oil and then an oil varnish.
According to the foreign magazines.

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