IF THERE IS NO CLAMPSupport the work piece on the table, the workbench, impact glue sticks, drill the plate pack — in these and many other cases not to do without clamps, but not one, but several and different sizes. The simplest ones you can make yourself from a steel strip and a bolt with a nut. The dimensions of the brackets and the size of the bolt specified for the purpose. Through the longitudinal slot in one of the shelves bracket bolt with nut can be moved to the optimum position or to use with a bracket of a different size. So when tightening do without the wrench, the bolt head radial drill through hole under the rod, the knob and nut to protect from turning the notched lock washer.

Well, to make a screw clamp, it is enough to have a vise, a hacksaw and an old… a meat grinder. Saw off the upper part of the body, and so on-nal clamp is in our hands!
M. SHADRIN, the city of Chinaz. Tashkent region.

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